New Duggar Television Show To Focus On Jana Duggar’s Single Life, More About Her

There has been a lot of talk about a new show from the Duggar family. They had a short spin-off that focused on Jill and Jessa Duggar and now it looks like it is time to talk about some of the other family members. The fans of the show have been begging for the Duggars to come back ever since their show 19 Kids and Counting was canceled over the Josh Duggar scandal. The Hollywood Gossip actually shared that the cameras have been following some of the Duggars around and word is that the next show will focus on Jana Duggar. This older Duggar daughter is still single and hasn’t really shared much with fans about how things are in her life right now.

The camera crew was seen following some of the girls around, including Jana, but they were just at a thrift shop. They were out shopping and cameras were following them around while they did it. This wasn’t anything too exciting, but sources are now revealing more about the upcoming show. At this time, TLC and the Duggars are both still staying quiet about the show. The owner of a local lumberyard revealed that the Duggars used their business for something that should be part of an upcoming episode. This should be the first episode of whatever Duggar show is coming next.

“John David sent over a list of things they needed to build a tree house. He wanted to make sure we have the stuff. We got it all together. Jana was really the one in charge. We asked her if she needed 4? grooves or 8? grooves and she knew the answer. She was the one giving all the instructions.”

Sources say that Jana Duggar will be the main focus of at least the first episode of the show. Since the last special was about Jill and Jessa, rumors are that this time they will focus on Jana and possibly Jinger. Production sources are revealing that this show will focus on how Jana feels about being single still after the fact that two of her younger sisters are already married.

This could easily be a very successful show. Jana Duggar has a big fan base and everyone would love to see her find a man and settle down. Regardless, viewers would like to hear how Jana is doing and an update on her. She is a fan favorite and focusing on her will make it easy to avoid talking about all of the Josh Duggar drama.

Back in December, IB Times shared the news that Jana Duggar’s fans have been speaking out to her and trying to get her to go to college and move out of the Duggar household. A lot of people seem to feel like Jana should either go to college or find a man and settle down. Either way, Jana is still living at home and if she is courting then she hasn’t shared who it is that is in her life. She doesn’t have any social networks yet because the Duggars always wait to get one until they are courting. Jana has done some training as a midwife just like her sister Jill.

Are you happy to hear that the next Duggar should could focus more on Jana Duggar? Do you think that this would be a good decision by the network? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and hopefully TLC will be revealing what show they have planned soon. It is obvious that cameras are following the family and some big news is coming soon.

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