‘Rattled’ Follows Four Couples As They Face Parenthood For The First Time

Becoming a parent for the first time can be an exciting and joyful time, but other feelings such as fear and frustration can also arise. The Futon Critic shared that Rattled will give viewers an up-close-and-personal look into the story of four Rattled couples in this unscripted series as they begin their journey toward parenthood and beyond. These new Rattled parents will experience a lot of changes together as they learn how to make it all work after the birth of their babies, and it won’t be as easy as some of them think. For a few of these sleep-deprived parents on Rattled, there will be a major wake-up call, both figuratively and literally.

The Rattled preview video on TLC’s website reveals what the couples’ first thoughts were when learning that they were expecting. One Rattled couple, Tyson and Ashley, discovered that they will be having quadruplets after experiencing fertility issues. “When we found out, it was pure joy and pure terror, all in one instance,” Ashley explains on Rattled.

The Rattled couples will soon learn just how much constant care their baby requires, and when exhaustion sets in, some of the Rattled couples will struggle through more than just a few conflicts and disagreements. During that hectic and busy first year, Rattled will highlight the day-to-day ups and downs as each Rattled couple learns how to balance the demands of caring for their babies with other important issues such as work schedules and dealing with input from other families members, whether it is welcome advice or not.

Tyson and Ashley live in Utah, and after struggling with infertility and knowing they may never get pregnant, the Rattled couple were thrilled to find out they beat the odds and were expecting four babies. This Rattled pair beat the odds not once but twice; the babies were actually two sets of identical twins, which is a one-in-70-million occurrence. Now known as the “Gardner Quad Squad,” this Rattled pair bravely went through a high-risk pregnancy and delivery. When their story went public, they received an outpouring of public support. Rattled viewers will follow along as the couple works out the logistics on how to both physically and financially support their new family.

Rattled couple Sal and Destiny both come from large families, and each one has very strong opinions on how the new baby should be raised. Conflict arises on Rattled over everything from the baby’s name to baptism and religious preferences. Sal hails from a traditional Italian family, while Destiny’s parents are only a little less conservative. Rattled will detail how this couple learns how to juggle what they want for their baby with what their families may suggest or recommend.

Rattled “Type A” personalities Jason and Kristina are both very regimented in how they organize their lives, and their detail-oriented skills are now second nature to them. This Rattled pair tries to plan for every contingency that having a baby entails, and set up a digital calendar that helps them schedule naps and feeding times. They share on Rattled that they own a childcare agency, and both of them feel that the birth of the baby shouldn’t cause them to alter either of their working schedules. These Rattled partners also believe that their little bundle of joy will have no effect or influence on who they are, or at least that is what they hope.

There is quite an age difference between Rattled couple Doug, who is 41, and 27-year-old Marsadie. This Rattled pair met through online dating, and Marsadie says that Doug is young at heart. Although this is Marsadie’s first baby, the couple shares on Rattled that Doug already has three daughters from a previous marriage, and becoming a father again was a surprise. As Marsadie bonds with her baby on Rattled, she struggles to overcome her fears that stem from not growing up with a father. As this Rattled duo deal with the major conflicts that arise, Marsadie hopes that their relationship can survive so she won’t be faced with becoming a single mother.

Viewers will watch the Rattled couples go from being fearful and uncertain to becoming much more confident in their abilities over time. Each Rattled couple will find out just how strong they are and how much they were able to accomplish and overcome in the first year. One thing is for certain: none of them will ever forget this significant time in their lives.

In Touch Weekly noted that Drew Barrymore teamed up with Magilla Entertainment and TLC to produce Rattled. Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen are the executive producers for Flower Films, which they founded together in 1995.

Will you watch Rattled? Leave your comments, opinions, and thoughts below. Rattled premieres on Tuesday, February 2, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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