Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About Brother Michael’s Death And Her Car Accident

Kristin Cavallari has had a tough few weeks, and that statement in itself is an understatement. Cavallari lost her older brother Michael in December, after his body was found in a remote area in Utah.

Michael Cavallari, who had fallen on hard times, died of natural causes due to being exposed to the elements. Prior to his death, he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Shortly after the loss of her brother, Kristin was involved in a car accident. Cavallari was hit by another car in Chicago, and suffered minor injuries, including a dislocated elbow.

Following that ordeal, Cavallari recently opened up on her own personal Instagram about how her brother’s death and her car accident has given her a new lease on life.

In a statement captioned to a photo of herself, Cavallari wrote the following.

“Sorry-gonna get corny on u [sic] for a second. I dislocated my elbow in a car accident last week and because of that, and everything else I’ve been through in the past couple months, I have such an appreciation for life. I am so thankful it wasn’t worse, and more importantly that my babies weren’t with me.”

She continued, “My arm hurts like a b***h but I’m thankful because I have my arm!! Shot my spring shoe look book today and even though I could barely move my arm, I am forever grateful for being here to shoot it.”

At the time of her car accident, sources told E! that she couldn’t hold her daughter, Saylor, who she welcomed with husband Jay Cutler in November of 2015.

The mother of three was trying to be in the best of spirits, according to sources.

“She’s putting a smile on her face and doing her best to keep going, but it’s not easy.”

The former reality star has used her Instagram to keep fans updated on her day to day life, including the harder moments that she’s experienced over the last couple of weeks, with the death of her brother and the injury she sustained due to her car accident. When Cavallari’s brother was still missing, she took to Instagram to write about her optimism, despite the grim situation.

When Michael’s body was found, she shared some words for her supporters.

As the Inquisitr reported, the late brother of The Hills star was said to be “paranoid” and “completely out of it” prior to his death. Radar Online had reported that before he went wandering in Utah, Cavallari thought the CIA was after him. Prior to his disappearance, tenants of Michael’s father’s home said that he was wandering around the neighborhood.

“I remember a few times we’d see him ranting in the back yard, shouting that the CIA was coming to get him.” The man described him as “paranoid, completely out of it.”

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