‘Destiny’ Iron Banner Matchmaking Tweaked Again, Bungie Deploys Second Update

Bungie deployed another update to Destiny matchmaking in Iron Banner Thursday following a similar update on Wednesday. The developer continues to tweak the competitive multiplayer event to ferret out causes of lag in the PlayStation and Xbox online shooter.

The developer dropped a note about the Destiny matchmaking update on the Bungie website in lieu of the regularly scheduled Weekly Update. The studio’s weekly musings on the game has been pushed back to Friday as it focuses attention on showing that it can respond and communicate openly with the game’s community.

“On Wednesday of this week, we deployed some new Matchmaking settings to the Iron Banner playlist in Destiny. Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback and crunching the numbers. We’re ready to deliver updates on what we’ve learned and the fresh action we’re taking to enhance the state of play in the Crucible.

“Your results may vary (gotta love the Internet), but we’re hearing and seeing some good things: Lag is on the decline. Match-ups are still close enough to provide the level of challenge demanded by the Iron Lords. Matchmaking time between games is less than a minute, on average. By many accounts, we’ve taken a step in the right direction, but there is always more room for improvement.

“The dev team at Bungie has deployed another new set of matchmaking settings. For the time being, they are exclusive to Iron Banner. Once again, our goals are to further reduce lag.

“Please be advised that your field of opponents may demonstrate a wider range of skill, still within the boundaries of a good game. Matchmaking may also take slightly longer – all in the interest of delivering a quality match with a good connection. We’ll continue to monitor the conversation and keep an eye on the data.”

As previously covered by Inquisitr, Bungie has been under fire from the Destiny community and media outlets over a perfect storm of rumors and in-game troubles. The sequel’s planned release for September 2016 has reportedly been pushed back to an unknown date and the lack of substantial new content has put the title in a malaise.

Meanwhile, the December update made changes to Crucible multiplayer matchmaking, which led to a noticeable increase in lag. These changes were not communicated with the Destiny community and denied by one studio developer when asked. Changes were made, however, and the studio finally copped to the alterations in last week’s Bungie Weekly Update with a promise of a fix arriving soon.

The fix arrived in the form of the Iron Banner matchmaking update, which will be deployed to other Crucible multiplayer gametypes once it has been fully tested. Trials of Osiris players should not expect to see any changes this weekend.

Destiny: The Taken King (PlayStation, Xbox)
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In the meantime, this continues to be a signal of a direction shift by Bungie when it comes to communication. The studio’s Twitter account has been active asking players about their experiences with the new Destiny matchmaking. Meanwhile, this is the third information update from the studio to its fans in the same week.

There’s also been a change in the corporate leadership for Bungie. Current studio President Harold Ryan is stepping down from the leadership role while Pete Parsons has been appointed Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors. Parsons has been with the company since 2002 and has served as Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer during that time.

In the meantime, Destiny players can continue to test out the experiment of Rift in Iron banner while looking forward to the Crimson Days event in two weeks. A larger content drop and update are planned in the following months.

How has Destiny matchmaking performed for you in Iron Banner this week? Sound off in the comments below.

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