Kris Jenner’s Weight Gain Reason Revealed

Recently, a few pictures have come out showing that Kris Jenner has gained a bit of weight. The mom of six has always looked amazing, but now that she is getting older things just aren’t looking quite as good. Radar Online actually shared the reason that Kris Jenner has started to put on weight. Kris has hired a trainer and is also eating better though trying to take it off. Jenner is smart to know that everyone is paying attention to her every move, so she is trying to take the weight off.

A Kardashian family insider is speaking out about it all. So far, Kris herself is staying quiet about the weight gain and not even admitting to it going on. Kris Jenner’s weight loss is because of a health reason.

“Kris is currently doing estrogen replacement therapy to try and combat the signs of menopause. She has been incredibly emotional lately and has had a really hard time keeping it all together. She’s been very snappy lately, but everyone in the family is starting to feel compassion for her right now because of what she is going through.”

Pictures recently came out of Kris Jenner on vacation in St. Barth’s with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble. The pictures showed Kris with a few rolls showing from around her swimsuit. Kris may have not even realized how bad the weight gain was until it was seen by everyone online, and you know that they all had negative things to say about her. The source even went on to explain that Kris Jenner’s weight gain is causing a few problems with her relationship with Corey, as well.

“Not only is this affecting Kris right now, but it is also affecting her relationship with Corey. He loves her very much, but he is also at a place in his life where he kind of wants kids of his own, and now it looks like she won’t be able to give them to him.”

Radar Online also showed some pictures of Kris Jenner recently that show her in spandex, and you can see the weight gain, as well. Kris was seen out taking a walk in a bodycon dress and stilettos on January 25, and this is when the new weight gain talk came out. This dress fits on her body really tight, and you could see Kris Jenner’s every single curve. Kris Jenner is vowing to get herself back in shape as soon as possible! Hopefully, things go well for her. Kris Jenner’s daughters are all working out all the time and staying in shape, so hopefully she will have some help from them. Khloe recently lost a lot of weight, and Kim is still working on taking off the baby weight from Saint West. Kim won’t even let herself be photographed yet.

Kris Jenner is not the only one in her family to deal with weight gain recently. Rob Kardashian has put on a lot of weight and even had a scare with diabetes. At this time, everyone is hoping that Kris Jenner will find a way to get Rob Kardashian help. Maybe Kris and Rob can bond together and start working out to get their weight back in control.

Are you shocked to see Kris Jenner’s crazy weight gain? Do you think she can take it off fast? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for the Hollywood Reporter]

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