‘General Hospital’ Preview: Julexis Wedding Expected To Be Huge, Nancy Lee Grahn And William deVry Dish On Upcoming Nuptials

There is an upcoming wedding in the works on General Hospital that fans don’t want to miss. Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis are becoming husband and wife soon, and viewers can’t wait to see the moment when they say their “I do’s.” This three-day event will begin on February 19, just in time for sweeps, and it is expected to be huge.

General Hospital actors William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn sat down for an interview with TV Insider’s Michael Logan to discuss the big day coming up. Although nothing was given away by either of them, the popular twosome did mention that it will be a huge event. It sounds like something that GH fans don’t want to miss.

Most weddings on General Hospital, or any other soap for that matter, include some type of interruption such as a dead spouse coming back, or in GH’s case, there could be a good chance of someone getting shot during the ceremony.

After all, the mob on the ABC daytime drama is always in the forefront, and Sonny Corinthos is not convinced that Julian Jerome has left that way of life like he claims to have done. Does Sonny try to take him out at the Julexis wedding? Fans will just have to wait to see what happens next month. William deVry did give away a hint of what is to come.

“The whole thing required two full shooting days, which is a lot for us. It’s been a while since GH gave the audience an extravagant wedding like this, but it would probably be more appropriate if Alexis and Julian did it simply, quietly, maturely. After all, this is not Alexis’s first time at the rodeo.”

Julian proposed to Alexis in December, as revealed by On Air on Soaps, and viewers were thrilled. The soap couple both agreed that their loyal fans, known as the “Julexis Army,” may have been the ones responsible for keeping Julian and Alexis together. William said that they deserve to have a payoff, and that payoff would be the upcoming nuptials.

They both admitted that Julian was originally brought on General Hospital for the mob storyline with Sonny, not as a romantic interest for Alexis. However, the obvious chemistry between the two when they were onscreen together was magic, and fans made it known on social media how much they loved it.

Soap fans can be very vocal when it comes to their favorite characters and couples. Nancy and William are happy that the General Hospital team chose to listen to the fans and keep the magic going.

The soon-to-be onscreen blushing bride did have an issue with the whole wedding thing. Grahn laughed about the back fat that she has, saying that she has been trying to watch what she eats to prepare for the big event.

“I’ve been on a diet. This ain’t easy! I’m slightly long in the tooth and I hate that I have to be in a wedding gown. It’s wrong. It’s unseemly. I tried on one that was straight out of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Lace at my age would be a disaster. And I can’t stand the idea of a veil. It’s too Miss Havisham. Though it would help cover up my back fat. I have back fat issues.”

Also mentioned in the interview was the writing team, both past and present. It sounds like Grahn especially is very happy and content these days.

“I feel that we’re very much appreciated. I really do. I don’t feel slighted in the least.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Nancy Lee Grahn [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
Even though she admitted that she could be challenged by her character a lot more than she is right now, Nancy said that she is happy with the way everything is going on set and with the current writing team.

“I am so weirdly content right now. The reason I don’t snoop is that I’m very happy with our new headwriters, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman. I feel they’re looking out for me. If I have a problem, I can go to them and have a reasonable conversation, and that’s the first time that’s happened since I’ve been at GH, except for when Megan McTavish was head writer. She also wanted an open line of communication. That was not the case with me and the past few writing regimes.”

Julexis fans are extremely happy as well. Comments on social media are that of excitement just waiting to see their favorite couple get hitched.

Stay tuned for part two of this wonderful interview coming up soon from Michael Logan.

What do you think will happen at this General Hospital wedding?

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