Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Pic Shows Couple AREN’T On The Rocks, Contrary To Reports

The Internet has been a-buzz about the potential breakup of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, but a recent Twitter pic seems to indicate quite the opposite. The two still seem to be quite comfy with each other.

Gomez and the Biebs attempted to squash rumors that their relationship was on the rocks with a photo all the way from Tokyo, Japan, showing the two throwing up a peace sign. “Hi Japan. I heart you,” she tweetedalong with the pic. “The photo appears to counter rumors that the couple was bordering on a breakup,” reports NY Daily. Last week’s photos of Gomez seemingly flirting with a male friend in Malibu kick-started the rumors.

“This is what it’s all about…The love here has been incredible!!!!!!!!” tweeted Bieber, according to E!, who claim that the couple “made peace” in Tokyo.

In case that’s not enough to stall rumors, Linda Talley, a noted body language expert, also sounded-off on the status of the couple’s relationship. Photos of Gomez and Bieber seem to indicate closeness, reports HollywoodLife. “Justin has a somewhat stoic look on his face and his body positioning is open — nothing to hide…He’s holding Selena’s hand in a gentle manner, with his hand in front to show that he’s leading the way for her…It doesn’t look like [a] break up to me,” she said.

Of the Tokyo photo, Talley opined, “Both are displaying open poses, a ‘V’ for victory? Justin has a genuine smile, so he’s happy about something. Selena has the more seductive/pouty smile — perfect for the woman who feels assured of herself. She holds her purse away from her body — no need for barriers.”

What do you think? Are Gomez and Bieber on the mend? Were they ever in trouble at all?