Demanding Divas And Their Special Needs: Here’s Some Of The Worst Celebrity Offenders

Fresh puppies, a wig room, no brown M&Ms! Celebrities have made some pretty peculiar demands on promoters over the years, but who are the worst offenders and did it really happen?

Celebrities in general are very demanding types, and when they don’t get what they want, they tend to explode with the sort of temper tantrums that would make a two-year-old blush with shame. Let’s take a trawl through some of the most peculiar demands made by stroppy divas.

The Demand: A dressing room kept at 78 degrees, rose-scented candles, chicken legs doused liberally with cayenne pepper, and not a Coca-Cola bottle or can in sight.

Who Made It: Beyoncé.

Did It Really Happen: You bet! Beyoncé likes her chicken finger-licking hot and Pepsi pays her big bucks to endorse their product, hence Queen Bey’s requirement to keep her dressing room Coke-free.

The Demand: A life-sized cardboard cut-out of themselves backstage.

Who Made It: David Hasselhoff.

Did It Really Happen: If you were once known as the “Knightrider” and “Mitch” from Baywatch, wouldn’t you want a life-sized cut-out of yourself, too?

The Demand: A bihourly disinfection of doorknobs.

Who Made It: Justin Timberlake.

Did It Really Happen: Celebrities don’t like to get their hands dirty, so it’s probably true.

The Demand: A dozen long stemmed roses with the thorns removed.

Who Made It: Joss Stone.

Did It Really Happen: Every rose has its thorn, Joss, and you really should know better.

The Demand: An electric mobility scooter, a painted rainbow on wheels, and a 15-foot-tall fake tree.

Who Made It: Will Ferrell.

Did It Really Happen: Yes! The comedian probably thought he was being funny.

The Demand: A professional quality iron and ironing board, and a professional quality steamer.

Who Made It: Justin Bieber.

Did It Really Happen: Of course. Squeaky clean Bieber has an image to maintain and perhaps an OCD problem to address.

Justin Bieber The Diva
Bieber in action. He loves to keep his shirts freshly ironed you know. [Photo by Joel Ryan/AP]
The Demand: A barber’s chair and a plethora of alcohol.

Who Made It: Kanye West.

Did It Really Happen: The rapper likes a drink and a haircut. What more can we say?

The Demand: A private phone line for outgoing calls only. Any unauthorized incoming calls will be paid for by the promoter with a $5,000 fine.

Who Made It: Britney Spears.

Did It Really Happen: Yes! But the question needs to be asked. Why not invest in a mobile phone, Britney?

The Demand: Seven dwarves to be brought backstage.

Who Made It: Iggy Pop.

Did It Really Happen: Yes! But we don’t think anyone wants to know the actual reason why.

The Demand: A bald hooker with no teeth.

Who Made It: Marilyn Manson.

Did It Really Happen: So they say.

The Demand: A brand new toilet seat at every venue she plays.

Who Made It: Madonna.

Did It Really Happen: Well, she is a material girl with royal aspirations, don’t you know.

Madonna The Diva
The ‘Material Girl’ likes to keep it hygienic, y’all. [Photo by Powers Imagery/Invision/AP]
The Demand: A choir of bald-headed, big-breasted women wearing nothing but thongs, heels, and angel wings singing “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Who Made It: One Direction.

Did It Really Happen: No! We made it up.

[Photo by AP]

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