‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: New Details Teased For The Big Crossover And More

The Vampire Diaries is ready for its big return to CW on Friday night, and the second half of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is promising big things, including the reunion of Stefan and Klaus in New Orleans.

The series shared the first footage of that reunion earlier this week. The network shared a new preview promoting the move of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to Friday night on Twitter yesterday. The final moments of the clip show the reunion of Stefan and Klaus.

Julie Plec has teased the crossover in recent interviews, and there is a reason why Stefan heads to New Orleans. He knows no magic can enter one special place in that city, and he needs a place to hide out.

However, he will decide to stick around when he finds out what is happening in Klaus’ neck of the woods. Klaus and Elijah are fighting to stay alive, and if they die, all the vampires they sired along the way will die as well, including Stefan, Damon, and Caroline. All vampires lead back to the three originals after all.

Julie Plec teased a bit more about Stefan and Klaus’ reunion to TV Line.

“Joe [Morgan] said, ‘I’ll happily do it on The Vampire Diaries, but can we do this on The Originals, too?’ We said, ‘If we can come up with something good, absolutely,’ and then we realized we have the perfect storyline already happening: the sire line and the war [between] all the trinity, and the prophecy saying that one of these Originals will die or all of them will fall. The fear of that impacts Stefan directly, and so he sticks around for an Originals episode to participate in the latest dilemma to come out of that situation.”

Plec also revealed that Stefan and Klaus will have an honest chat about love and relationships. Klaus and Caroline do have a history on The Vampire Diaries, and Stefan is now paired off with Caroline. Fans will definitely know what these two have to say to each other.

Before the big crossover, though, fans will see Damon, who is played by Ian Somerhalder, go through hell after being caught by the Phoenix Stone. He will not be alone in the experience, but he will take a walk down memory lane that he will not enjoy. Two photos for the midseason premiere, “Hell is Other People,” have been released.

There are new Vampire Diaries spoilers for the return tomorrow night, and fans should expect to see a familiar face on tomorrow night’s episode. Entertainment Weekly shared a teaser for the episode earlier this month.

“Not only is Damon not alone inside the stone, but he might come face-to-face with someone we haven’t seen in a while. ‘There’s one familiar face that the diehard fans will recognize,’ executive producer Caroline Dries says. ‘It will be a nice callback. I’m excited to see if anyone remembers what we’re talking about.’ Any guesses?”

As for big returns, fans have wondered if they will see Nina Dobrev back on the series this season. According to TV Line, Julie Plec has made it clear that fans will not see Dobrev back on The Vampire Diaries set as Elena Gilbert unless something catastrophic happens. That something being the show getting canceled. There is still a need to close out Elena’s story completely. Endgame is her and Damon together finally, so the series would need to wake her up for that to happen.

For now, fans can deal with the mess that has become the lives of Stefan and Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert getting in the way.

Are you excited for the return of The Vampire Diaries to CW?

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