Amy Schumer And Ben Hanisch: It’s A Girl! [Video]

Amy Schumer has been enjoying one adorable romance with handsome boyfriend Ben Hanisch. The two have recently made it public how in love with one another they are via their own social media accounts and appear to be taking the relationship to that next level.

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch; image via Instagram
Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch [Image via Instagram]
No, they aren’t engaged, and no, Amy has not announced a pregnancy, yet it does appear that the happy couple may have adopted an adorable little puppy together.

On her Instagram account, Schumer posted an sweet picture of herself alongside Ben, while snuggling a cute little pup and captioned the snap of the trio fittingly.

“It’s a girl.”

As People notes, Schumer and Hanisch have been very active on social media, ensuring people know that they are an item and are beyond smitten with one another.

“Schumer, 34, and Hanisch, 29, have quickly become one of Hollywood’s cutest couple since they went public with their relationship earlier this month, sharing one cute snap after another. If previous photos weren’t enough, last week they gave us a double dose of adorable when they gushed about each other on Instagram, with Hanisch admitting he’s ‘in love with her,’ and Schumer sharing that she missed him while on tour. “

One thing is for sure, the pair are a great fit, and recently news came that they have more in common than originally known. Although Ben is an established furniture designer, the dashing beau to funny girl Schumer is also an aspiring actor, as Inquisitr recently shared.

Vanity Fair notes Ben’s hopes for onscreen stardom and how Schumer is perhaps an integral part in helping him achieve his dream.

“According to a cute new Instagram photo Hanisch put online Wednesday, it looks like Schumer is about to make her boyfriend’s aspirations come true.”

The publication relays details about a 2014 interview that Hanisch gave when he indicated that he has a dream to become an actor in the near future, as well as how he “spent all his money on acting classes upon moving back to Chicago.”

Hanisch’s Instagram post is telling of how Schumer is assisting in igniting a bit of an acting career for the designer dreamer. As VF shares, the pair appears in a cute shot on set of Amy’s show, and Hanisch is garbed in a pair of scrubs, obviously ready for action.

“Spattered in fake blood and sporting E.R. scrubs, the couple mugged for the camera from the set of Season 4 of Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer is all about making her projects a family affair; sister Kim Caramele has always been her closest creative collaborator. It looks like Hanisch has joined the family! We have no clue yet, of course, how big Hanisch’s role in the sketch will be.”

If it’s a spot that includes Ben’s face being covered by a surgical mask the entire time, this perhaps may not be as big of a break as might be expected. However, it could very well be the star performance the furniture designer needs to get his acting career rolling!

As the publication indicates, the sketch appearance on Schumer’s show is not the first time her man has been on set, and notes where his work can be found for an idea of his ability as an actor.

“For a better sense of Hanisch’s acting chops, check out his 2014 short film, Last Train to Linden.”

It seems as though Schumer has found one loving, supportive and inspired guy to call her own and they are wished all the best in their romance and joint aspirations on set.

[Photo By Luis Ascui/Getty Images]

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