The Sexualization Of Harry Styles: Arguments For And Against (Part 2)

Yesterday The Inquisitr outlined some arguments in favour of the sexualization of One Direction star Harry Styles.

This issue has provoked controversy among Harry-watchers — some are not bothered by the media’s tendency to occasionally paint Styles as a bedhopper or as an attractive “piece of meat,” as they highlight shots of his fit body or handsome visage.

Other groups of Harry Styles fans argue that the crooner has a soft, gentle heart and should not be subjected to repeated and relentless “sexualizations” by the media.

Here are some arguments against the media painting Harry as a womanizer or as a much-desired bed-partner.

Arguments against

Larry is real

For a thorough overview of this argument hit Tumblr or check out the Youtube videos of user “freddieismyqueen” who has taken the time to collate all the best footage of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles exchanging loving glances and otherwise demonstrating that they could be a secret gay couple.

Even Louis Tomlinson tweeting today that he has welcomed his baby son, and posting a shot of himself with baby Freddie Tomlinson, did no deter the Larry shippers.

The crux of this argument is that Harry and Louis are in love, and whenever someone suggests that Harry is with a woman, that vile person/reporter is colluding with Simon Cowell and Modest Management, who will stop at nothing to cover up the pure and beautiful love between Louis and Harry.

Harry has deflected questions about his sex life in interviews a million times, so he obviously does not want to be asked those questions

One time, when Harry was asked about girls he said “they’re very… polite,” before quickly making his exit. Another time, when people asked him about girlfriend Cara Delevingne, clearly pushing for a scoop, Harry deadpanned “She’s good at walking… I guess.”

Ed Sheeran, a close pal of Harry Styles, opined that Harry is painted as a womanizer and flirt in the media but he is actually “a really nice guy.”

Harry has repeatedly stated that “[One Direction] don’t want to objectify women, that’s not what we’re about.”

It makes Harry look like a bad guy

Some outlets report on Harry’s breakups with women like Taylor Swift in a way that indeed makes him look like a heartbreaker. When Taylor came forward saying that Harry made her “anxious” the whole time they were dating because he was so “flirtatious,” according to the Mirror, it indeed raised questions about Harry’s sensitivity levels and whether he truly considers the needs and emotions of his besotted lovers.

Harry is talented and the “womanizer” stuff encourages people to think of him as trashy, cruel, or a lightweight

Why can’t people just focus on the music, or even the fashion?

Some Harry-lovers argue that the One Direction star is a talented vocalist, actor and songwriter who does not get due credit because outlets are unhealthily and excessively obsessed with Harry’s latest relationship. It began with “older woman” Caroline Flack, peaked during Harry’s relationship with celebrated songstress Taylor Swift, and shows no signs of dying down. Harry has suffered so much due to the mere fact that he was reportedly involved with a couple of famous girls. Media outlets are now less likely to focus on his considerable talents as he pursues a solo career and attempts to establish himself independently of One Direction during the hiatus.

It puts pressure on Harry — body image problems know no gender

Harry goes really hard at the gym, and sticks to a strict diet that incorporates a lot of greens, ample kale, some bullet coffees, and not a lot of treats — is the One Direction star depriving himself because he knows the paparazzi and media are obsessed with his body and grabbing the latest shot of his fit form?

Someone as scrutinized as Harry Styles must feel a lot of pressure to look buff beyond belief. Perhaps if media outlets would relax with the sexualization, Harry Styles could enjoy life’s pleasures more and relax.

Traditionally, it was thought that women are the ones who feel the pressure to maintain an ideal physique, but in 2016 body image problems may indeed know no gender.

Is Harry Styles over-sexualized?

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