WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Being Told He’ll Never Wrestle For The Company Again

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has not wrestled for the WWE for several months now. Last year at this time, he was making his return to the ring and even had a marquee role at WrestleMania 31, where he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He later had to give up his championship due to a concussion, which has kept him sidelined ever since. This has been a huge blow to Bryan, as he has now been cleared by two doctors.

Many fans assumed he would be making his return to the ring at WWE’s Royal Rumble event. Much of the WWE talent even thought this was going to occur. He has yet to work a match and has not been seen in WWE since his role with WWE Tough Enough wrapped this past summer. Bryan has been adamant about returning to the ring, but it seems WWE simply won’t clear him. Many believe this is due to WWE’s ongoing concussion lawsuit, of which could cost them quite a lot of money if lost.

If Bryan were to get in a WWE ring and have yet another concussion, it would look terrible for WWE and likely would be the the trump card the opposing lawyers would need to get what they wanted out of WWE. On top of this, if Daniel Bryan had yet another serious concussion, his life could be forever changed. WWE has been playing it safe with him and even spoke to him about several non-wrestling roles with WWE, but Bryan has reportedly turned them all down and just wants to perform again.

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According to The Wrestling Observer, the bad news for Bryan is that he is being told outright by officials that he will not be cleared to wrestle for WWE again. Daniel Bryan did not accept this and reportedly spoke with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about the issue. Bryan argued his case with McMahon, but McMahon was just as adamant as the rest but slightly hopeful. He said the same, but was not 100 percent sold on the issue of him never returning to the WWE ring.

So it seems the Chairman is slightly open-minded about the whole ordeal, but it remains to be seen if that will help Daniel Bryan and his return to the WWE ring. This is a slightly good sign for Daniel Bryan, but it is by no means the answer he wants.

Bryan’s contract with WWE is currently frozen until he works for them again in some sort of role. Again, they have offered countless non-wrestling roles to him and really want him to do something with the company, regardless of what it is outside of wrestling. His contract currently has around two years left on it, and WWE most likely won’t release him.

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Daniel Bryan has been open about wrestling on the independent circuit again, and expressed he would love to work with Ring of Honor among other places. Bryan clearly does not want to leave WWE and would love to wrestle for the company, but they won’t clear him to do so. Bryan can still make a great deal of money working around the world and due to his popularity, his asking price her appearance could be quite high.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling just lost four of its top stars, so having Bryan come in and work for them would be ideal. Bryan could also appear on WWE Total Divas if he left WWE as the contract involving the show is through E! and not WWE. So if they wanted him, he could be on despite WWE no longer having him under contract. His real life relationship with Brie Bella cannot be overlooked, and they won’t cut Brie out of the show due to her and Nikki Bella being the stars of the show since day one.

Regardless of what WWE decides to do with Daniel Bryan, fans want to see Bryan return in a televised role of some kind. There is some hope that WWE will have him do ring announcing or a GM role. The issue is, Bryan would have to want to do something like this. If only to keep his contract running, it would be good to do. We will have to see what he decides.

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