Is Blac Chyna Pregnant With Rob Kardashian’s Baby? He Would Be ‘Really Happy’

Could Blac Chyna already be expecting a child with Rob Kardashian? Just two weeks into the relationship, which has reportedly caused quite a stir with the Kardashian-Jenner family, Rob took to Instagram, where he posted a meme that spoke of Blac Chyna’s baby plans. But what are they?

“Whatever happens, happens. [Blac Chyna] certainly didn’t go into this relationship with Rob only to get knocked up by him. But if that happens then she and Rob will deal with that and make the right decision,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life on January 27. “These two aren’t necessarily trying to plan a family together, but if Blac got pregnant, Rob would be really happy.”

In Rob Kardashian’s meme, a message spoke of Blac Chyna’s plans to welcome a child who would carry on the Kardashian family name. As fans of Rob and his family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, are well aware, Rob is the only son of Robert Kardashian Sr., leaving him in charge of keeping the family name alive.

Meanwhile, as pregnancy rumors swirl, Rob Kardashian is said to be possibly “playing dad” to Blac Chyna’s young son, 3-year-old King Cairo, whose father is rapper Tyga, the boyfriend of Rob’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner. And as for whether or not Blac Chyna would want a second child with Rob, another source alleged the video vixen was hoping for a baby girl.

Just a short time into their romance, Blac Chyna is said to be thrilled with Rob, who has struggled with depression and weight gain in the past few years since quitting Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2012, and the couple is already living together. In fact, Blac Chyna appears to be a good impact on Rob, as she’s started working out with him and spending quality time along with her son.

“Blac Chyna is strutting around like the cat that caught the canary,” a source explained to a second report by Hollywood Life. “She’s very happy to be dating Rob.”

And because of that, Blac Chyna would love to have a baby girl with the reality star turned sock designer, who was diagnosed with diabetes just weeks ago.

“[Blac Chyna] does want another baby, she’d love a little girl,” the source said, adding that Rob may not have much of a say on whether or not a pregnancy happens. “Rob better watch out or she will make it happen, she’s good at getting what she wants out of guys.”

If Rob did get Blac Chyna pregnant, his family would likely be completely against the idea, due to Blac Chyna’s long-running feud with Jenner. However, there would be one person on board with their potential baby news, and that person is Amber Rose.

“Amber thinks it would be funny and fitting if Rob got Blac Chyna pregnant,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life. “Amber thinks all the drama that it would bring the Kardashian family would be worth it. She’s been telling [Blac Chyna] to get the job done.”

In addition to Blac Chyna’s feud with Jenner, her longtime friend, Rose, has engaged in a number of battles with the Kardashians, including a Twitter feud with Kanye West earlier this afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna made their first public appearance together, when they were photographed, via TMZ, driving around Los Angeles in Rob’s Bentley.

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