Lisa Vanderpump Denies Siding With Kathryn Edwards Against Faye Resnick, Regrets Comments On Yolanda Foster And Mohamed Hadid’s Children

Kathryn Edwards isn’t the only cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who has a problem with Faye Resnick, Kyle Richards’ good friend. Lisa Vanderpump still doesn’t like Faye much. In her latest blog post, posted on Wednesday, Lisa talked about Faye’s presence at Kyle’s BBQ party. Lisa also expressed regret over the comments that she made about Yolanda Foster and Mohamed Hadid’s two younger children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, at the BBQ.

Lisa said that she was surprised and puzzled by Faye’s presence at the BBQ. Lisa pointed out that the show’s viewers don’t exactly like Faye.

“So off we trot to Kyle’s. I was surprised, to say the least, that Faye was there. I know they are close friends, but I am not so enamored by her. My last encounter with Faye Resnick had not been a productive one. She was present at our vowel renewal, and from my recollection she was assertive but in a derogatory fashion, and I accused her of speaking on Kyle’s behalf. I am puzzled,mystified as to why Miss Resnick would be compliant in appearing on a reality show,when she had been the recipient of such a backlash in regard to her last appearance.”

As was explained on Tuesday’s episode, Faye, at Lisa’s 30th wedding anniversary party several seasons ago, accused Lisa of having Brandi Glanville do her dirty work against Kyle. At the time, Brandi and Lisa were still friends and Lisa was at odds with Kyle.

At Kyle’s BBQ, Faye and Lisa agreed to move on from their past drama. Yet it’s clear from Lisa’s blog that she, like Kathryn, still doesn’t want to be friends with Faye. Lisa also wrote in her blog that she is not siding with Kathryn in regard to her feud with Faye. At the BBQ, Kathryn confronted Faye about writing about her in her tell-all book after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

“In regard to siding with Kathryn, the new girl as Kyle referred to her, was ridiculous. I barely became involved in the discussion, because I had zero knowledge of what had transpired between them.”

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows that Faye Resnick will continue to be a topic of discussion. The clip shows Lisa Vanderpump confronting Kyle Richards about bringing Faye to the BBQ despite knowing that Lisa does not like Faye. Lisa even calls Faye an “orangutan.”

“You know! You know I have an issue with Faye Resnick…You could’ve said to me, ‘I’m having a dinner and Faye Resnick is gonna be there. I’m letting that orangutan out of her cage.’ I don’t like her.”

Another preview shows that Kathryn Edwards and Lisa will again come face to face with Faye at a costume party.

In her blog post, Lisa also addressed the comments that she made about the health of two of Yolanda Foster’s children. Lisa pointed out that the topic of Bella and Anwar Hadid’s health was brought up by Yolanda herself previously and that she was asked a question by Kyle at the BBQ.

“I would never delve into the health history of somebody’s children, but now as the subject was brought to the forefront by Yolanda, a week previously, without provocation, then I was asked questions by Kyle, I have no alternative but to speak my truth.

Lisa admitted that she must have misinterpreted what their father, Mohamed Hadid, said about them.

“My truth being over the years of interacting with all of the children there had never been any mention of illness. I knew them to to thrive, flourish, but I state I had no reason to question their well being. Mohamed had always said they were fine, but that is their prerogative as parents, whatever medical issues or information they choose to divulge. I obviously interpreted that as they were not infected by this insidious disease, and as it is not contagious, I understood them to be healthy…I regret even acknowledging the subject, but we live and we learn.”

In a previous episode, Yolanda revealed to Kyle that her two younger children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, also have Lyme disease. On Tuesday night’s episode, at Kyle’s BBQ, Kyle asked Lisa, who has been good friends with Mohamed for years, what’s going on with Bella and Anwar. Lisa said she didn’t know. Kyle then asked what Mohamed says. That’s when Lisa said that Mohamed believes Bella and Anwar to be fine.

“He just said no, that [Yolanda’s] the only one that has it. I’m just saying I didn’t know. He said he didn’t think they had it.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both Yolanda and Mohamed immediately responded to the speculation over their children’s health. Yolanda maintained that both Bella and Anwar have Lyme disease and are undergoing treatment for it. Mohamded said that he supports Yolanda and his children and explained how Lisa “misconstrued” his reluctance to talk about his children’s health for a denial.

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