Play Together, Stay Together: Amy Schumer’s Dreamboat Boyfriend Joining ‘Inside Amy’ S4?

Amy Schumer has taken the comedy circuit by storm. The fourth season of her Emmy-winning variety sketch and stand-up show, Inside Amy Schumer, is currently filming, and a recent Instagram suggests that the star’s personal and professional lives are coming together. Amy’s boyfriend, furniture designer Ben Hanisch, has caught the attention of Inside Amy fans and followers with a goofy photograph of the pair in costume, captioned “Yesterday’s surgery went very well.”

On Tuesday, The Inquisitr reported on Schumer’s new-found love with Hanisch, and it now seems she plans to include her beau in an episode of Inside Amy. The move is unprecedented: neither of Schumer’s former boyfriends — professional wrestler, Nick Nemeth, or American comedian, television host, writer and producer, Anthony Jeselnik — were afforded the opportunity to participate in Inside Amy. Schumer’s management of the show with an inclusive, liberal and collaborative ethic, however, makes her decision less surprising for fans and followers. She uses Inside Amy as a platform from which she can support fellow entertainers by including and crediting them. When the show won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series last year, Schumer was sure to thank the team behind the winning product.

Schumer and Hanisch frequent each other’s social media profiles, and the strength of their personal and romantic connection lends veracity to the emergence of a creative and professional one.

The cast of the popular Comedy Central show already comprises a host of Schumer’s friends within the industry, many of whom she promotes via social media and interviews in the show’s Amy Goes Deep segment. Fellow comedian Bridget Everett has appeared on Inside Amy Schumer multiple times, whose provocative Cabaret performances complement the show’s socio-culturally subversive temperament.

Born Amy Beth Schumer, the comedian has been expanding her performative resume for over a decade, and continues to do so at a startling rate. From the days in off-Broadway plays as a fresh Towson graduate, during which the New York native subsidized her passion with practical bar and restaurant jobs until raising her comedic profile with break-through gigs on Last Comic Standing, The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen and acting roles in popular shows Curb Your Enthusiasm and Girls. With an immense following — over 3 million on both Twitter and Instagram, and almost 2 million devout Inside Amy fans — Schumer was asked by comedy kingpin Judd Apatow to write and star in a feature film in 2014, which released last year.

The feature film that she wrote and directed, Trainwreck, earned her nominations for both Writers Guild and Golden Globe awards, and Schumer’s enactment of subversive, feminist critique and advocacy for gender equality — particularly in the male-dominated film, television and comedy industries — is widely praised as a positive utilization of her celebrity profile.

Some of Schumer’s best-received commentary on the treatment of women in mass media arise from sketches on Inside Amy, such as one in which a focus group full of men respond to every question about the show with critique of Schumer’s body and sex appeal. In Last F*ckable Day, Amy joins Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette for a picnic, where she learns about the age-determined turning-point in the acting careers of women — and not men — that renders them not believably desirable in roles.

Schumer, known for voicing what she considers expertly disguised vestiges of sexism in the film and television industry, also commented on the bizarrely shallow treatment of two contestants on The Bachelor, which faces criticism for its contentious premise in today’s climate of advocacy for gender equality.

Amy’s millions of fans eagerly anticipate the return of television’s funniest feminist for Season 4 of Inside Amy Schumer, the premier date of which is yet to be announced. Schumer’s entourage rests assured that she isn’t going anywhere, though: Inside Amy has already been renewed for a fifth season.

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