Chris Pine Talks Wonder Woman On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Actor Chris Pine had quite a bit of fun during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The actor, best known for playing James T. Kirk in the new rebooted Star Trek film series, discussed Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and opened up about his short stand-up comedy routine about his time at a holiday camp. He also sang a fun rendition of “Let It Snow.”

Chris Pine is playing the role of Steve Trevor in director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, which is set to be released in 2017. Jimmy Kimmel tried to get the actor to answer a question about the heroine’s famous golden lasso, to which Pine replied, “I can’t talk about specifics.” However, the when the topic of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane came up, Pine seemed genuinely confused by the notion, reports Mashable. When Kimmel asked if Pine’s character gets to fly in the invisible plane, Chris responds with a bewildered look on his face.

Pine got Kimmel to tell him a little bit more about the invisible plane, and Pine never confirmed nor denied the plane’s existence in the film. Either he’s purposefully playing coy or he’s simply never heard about the character of Wonder Woman flying an invisible plane, which would seem odd if the actor did indeed read the original comics to brush up on the character’s history, as well as Steve Trevor’s. At one point in the comics, the plane gains sentience and becomes friends with Steve Trevor.

Chris Pine did confirm that the story takes place during the first World War, and he seems to really like the idea of Gal Gadot’s lead character being filled with compassion and love.

The actor also talked about his experience performing a stand-up comedy routine, one that filled him with anxiety.

“I didn’t do a lot, I did it once, for five minutes,” Pine told Jimmy Kimmel. “Lewis Black was there, he was the comedian in residence, and he gave a stand up class. We had to prep material and do five minutes on stage. It was in front of people who like you and want you to do well, but still, it was the closest I have come to feeling naked on stage.”

Pine’s act consisted of him discussing embarrassing memories from his childhood, as well as hunting squirrels.

“I talked about my father laughing at me from the porch while my mom dragged me to Sunday school,” he explained. “And I had a bit about going to this camp as a kid, where you shower every third day, but with a garden hose… I can’t believe I’m talking about this publicly. Half the time we would be hunting squirrels with guns, just to keep the population in check, not for sport.”

Chris Pine also performed a hilarious rendition of “Let It Snow” when the actor sung what schools on the east coast, from New Jersey to Virginia, were going to be closed due to Winter Storm Jonas.

Chris Pine’s latest movie, The Finest Hours, chronicling the Coast Guard’s brave rescue off the coast of Cape Cod during a blizzard in 1952, opens in theaters this Friday. In order to land the role, Pine had to perfect his Boston accent. According to the actor, co-stars Ben Foster and Casey Affleck are Boston natives and were often critiquing Pine on his accent.

Chris Pine Talks Wonder Woman On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
The premiere of Disney’s ‘The Finest Hours’ at the TCL Chinese Theatre on January 25, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“I was petrified, petrified,” Chris Pine said. “You had the teamsters and the grips, and Casey, and then Ben – Ben Foster – is in it too, they are all from Boston. They were there giving what they thought were helpful hints but they just turned out to be awful, it was like having little people in your ears telling you, ‘It’s not like that Chris, it’s not like that.'”

Wonder Woman is going to arrive in theaters on June 23, 2017.

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