Does Porsha Williams Have Nude Photos In Her iCloud Account?

Porsha Williams had some phone issues on The Real Housewives of Atlanta during Sunday’s episode, and she was struggling to figure out how to fix it. The screen was cracked, and she wanted to transfer all of her information over to a new phone. And during this process, Williams hinted that she had some nude photos stored in the cloud somewhere, and she pointed out that these pictures were just for her. So, does Porsha have nude photos?

According to a new Bravo report, Porsha Williams is now revealing that nude photos are not her thing, and she doesn’t have a huge stash of naked photos in her iCloud, waiting to be used with the right guy.

“You know what, nude photos are just not my thing. Half of the time I think my butt’s too big and my angles are off, so I don’t take them. It’s so much work to take the right selfie of your body that I give up, LOL! When I do take one, it’s of Coco and Chanel! I love how my breasts look in my Naked Lingerie line, so I will take pics of myself, but I never send them to anyone,” Williams revealed after the Daily Dish asked her about the nudes.

When she was dating Duke Williams during the first couple of episodes, she did get all dressed up for a FaceTime call, but she didn’t send any nude photos. As she pointed out, she never knows where those pictures could end up and doing something live is much more her thing. These days, Williams isn’t dating someone specific, but she has been linked to an African Prince in the past.

“No, I’m not dating an African Prince, however it’s been in the social media so much, I’m sure an African Prince will be seeking me out, okay,” Porsha Williams told Steve Harvey, according to E! Online, adding, “So, come forth…I will be Princess Porsha. But no everybody, I’m single and I’m in the public eye and I haven’t told anybody who I’m dating.”

Sadly, Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta didn’t focus on Porsha’s supposed nude photos. Instead, she was merely a spectator to the drama between Kim Fields and Kenya Moore. Kim had invited all of the ladies to a makeup free brunch, and some of the ladies showed up with makeup on. Shockingly, Kenya took things too far, and Porsha saw everything play out.

“Kim says she doesn’t know how to read, but sometimes that’s when you give the best shade! Phaedra and I had been telling Kim we were going to make her over and make her “Mommy chic,” so I think the dinner was a way to say she is fab in a basic way and that we need to flip the table and be more natural like her,” Porsha Williams reveals about Kim and Kenya’s drama, adding, “We were coming from a place of helping Kim get back to her sexy, fab self and she wanted to remind us to love ourselves whether we are made up or not. To me, friendships like this are the best. It’s great to add to each other’s life. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping your sister to love herself inside and out!”

Clearly, Williams is more about having fun than judging people for wearing makeup. She herself showed up with lash extensions on, so she didn’t follow the rules either. But she doesn’t take things too seriously.

What do you think of Porsha Williams not having nude photos of herself? Are you surprised that she’s more of a live person than a photo person?

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