Ellie Goulding Survives Car Crash In Norway

Ellie Goulding had a scare a few weeks ago, as the car she was in crashed and submerged into a frozen lake in Norway. A picture of the crash can be seen below, and according to the Independent, another person in the car almost died with Ellie.

The person was photographer Conor McDonnell, and he recalls that they both had to climb out the back of the vehicle to reach safety before the whole car submerged. It turns out he was accompanying Ellie Goulding throughout the European part of her tour.

He wrote, “So, me and @elliegoulding weren’t going to post about this but we decided that it’s too mad of a story not to tell. This photo is from when we were in Norway a few weeks ago.”

“That moment when you’re in -25C in the middle of nowhere in Norway in the pitch black and your belt wagon crashes through the ice in the middle of a lake and you have to emergency evacuate through the roof,” he continued. “‘Oh s**t we’re in’ was my first thought. Second was to take photos. We were in the front cabin. That is pretty much under water in this photo. A few minutes later it was all completely gone under the water and ice for good.”

The 29-year-old singer released her latest album, Delirium, in September of last year, which received mostly positive reviews from critics. She sat down with Hunger TV to discuss the path of her career, her ambitions, and life at this very moment.

She revealed that because her career took off so slowly, she was able to get used to it, saying, “Things have actually happened quite slowly for me, and I think that’s the reason why I’ve dealt with fame in a peaceful manner.”

Goulding continued, “That way it’s easier to stay on top of what’s happening. When I first started out it was pretty hectic and intense. Then it kind of died down. Over the past few years I’ve been given the chance to really prove myself as an artist.”

Apparently, Ellie Goulding wasn’t always known for the electro sound that she has today.

“When I started out, playing guitar and singing were the only resources I had,” she said. “I didn’t know how to record music, and I didn’t think to link up with electronic producers.”

Ellie also got to talk about the media with Hunger TV, which is relevant today with the media blowing up her story about the car crash in Norway.

She recently tweeted, “I don’t usually acknowledge press stories.”

Goulding said in the interview, “I clash with myself about it. Part of me doesn’t want to have to change to suit the media. I don’t want to have to cover up my relationships or the people that I’m hanging out with. But at the same time you get less grief and hassle if you do hide it, and that makes life easier.”

Perhaps this is the reason she decided to not post anything about her near-death experience on social media? Well, she decided to anyway, but everyone is just happy that she’s doing fine and continuing her tour. It was a bad scare a few weeks ago, but it’s safe to say that Ellie Goulding is nowhere near a frozen lake right now–which is good.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

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