Susan Jordan: Elementary School Principal Hailed As A Hero After Sacrificing Her Life To Push Children Out Of Harm’s Way

Susan Jordan will always be remembered as a legend.

The beloved educator, who served as principal of Amy Beverland Elementary for 22 years in Indianapolis, is being hailed as a hero after she pushed children out of harm’s way before getting struck and killed by an oncoming bus.

According to USA Today, the incident occurred at around 2:45 pm on Tuesday when Jordan noticed an out-of-control bus jumping the curb and almost striking several children in its path, before she darted forward and pushed the children out of the way. The bus fatally hit Jordan, killing her on the spot.

Two ten-year old children also got hit by the bus but sustained non-life threatening injuries and are recovering at a nearby hospital, officials confirmed.

There were 25 children inside the bus which struck Jordan, but all of them remain safe.

Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Rita Reith explained that officials are trying to figure out exactly what caused the bus to accelerate since it was stationary before it jumped the curb. “At some point, the stationary bus lurched forward and jumped the curb. The bus was not moving at the time directly before it jumped the curb,” she said.

Lawrence Township Schools Superintendent Shawn Smith, speaking at a news conference after the tragic incident, hailed Susan Jordan for her selflessness and said that the elementary school principal was a great educational leader who cared deeply about her students.

“Quite frankly, ladies and gentleman, we are talking about a legend. This is a great example of an educational leader in our state and our city…. Just a phenomenal individual that truly cared about children. This is a tragic situation that we have. This loss is going to ripple across our district of 15,000 students.”

ABC’s Indiana affiliate reports that Susan Jordan was equally loved by her colleagues and her students. Last May, an online video posted by an account associated with the school saw dozens of students, staff, and teachers of Amy Beverland Elementary School pay glowing tributes to the inspirational leader.

“She always brings a positive spirit to Amy Beverland,” one teacher says in the video. “One thing I know makes her a great leader is that she always trusts in her teachers, and she’s always positively supporting us.”

“A is for awesome, because you’re an awesome principal,” a student says referring to Susan Jordan.

The video concludes with the following message: “We love you Mrs. Jordan! Amy Beverland really is the sunshine after the rainbow. Thank you for your many years of leadership!”

Susan Jordan's students will always remember the inspirational leader.
Susan Jordan was loved by her colleagues and students equally. Above, a group of students hold a “Thank You, Mrs Jordan” placard for her work. (Photo: AmyBeverland/YouTube)

In the aftermath of the tragedy, a sense of mourning and grief prevails at Amy Beverland. Concerned parents were spotted rushing to pick up their children amid ambulances and police cars. Schools in the area will not be in session Wednesday as students and colleagues mourn Jordan, the district announced Tuesday night.

Although the female bus driver is under investigation, she said “in the instant that the accident occurred” she saw Jordan push several students out of the way, according to Huffington Post. Detectives have also requested a blood draw from the driver, a standard procedure in fatal crashes.

It remains to be seen if the investigation leads to an uncovering of any untoward reason for the accident, but the heroic and selfless act of Susan Jordan has forever etched her in public memory.

[Image via Amy Beverland Elementary]

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