Did Guillermo del Toro Just Tease A ‘Haunted Mansion’ Reboot Update From Disneyland?

Guillermo del Toro knows horror and he certainly knows how to make people excited about his movies and projects. In 2010, he announced that he would be working on a reboot of Disney’s Haunted Mansion and that it was going to be scary. Since then, things have died down and very little has been heard about it, and it’s driving fans insane. Well, del Toro decided to play with their emotions a bit more thanks to a big tease on Twitter.

It was just recently announced that Guillermo del Toro is going to be working on a film adaptation of the children’s horror books Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Yes, he has a lot on his plate, but it’s hard to see him say something and not think it to mean something more.

Del Toro has said time and time again that the Haunted Mansion is his favorite attraction in Disneyland and one of his favorite places anywhere in the world. Still, seeing him post these pictures has people thinking because of what happened the last time he did something like that.

As The Wrap reported in April, Guillermo Del Toro was spotted at Disneyland with Ryan Gosling, and the actor was in talks to star in the Haunted Mansion reboot. While at the park, they rode Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Pirates of the Caribbean together.

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Since then, things have been all quiet again.

In 2010, del Toro first announced that he was going to do a reboot of Haunted Mansion while he was at San Diego Comic-Con. Not only did he announce it, but the huge fan of the attraction even had a short teaser trailer for it.

Things got extraordinarily quiet, and then in late summer of 2012, it was revealed that del Toro had delivered a draft of the script early in the summer. The reaction to his script was said to be a positive one and that Disney was happy with it.

The problem is that Guillermo del Toro always has so much going on, and he needs a break in order to be able to do Haunted Mansion. That means the script needs to be approved totally, it needs to be given the green light from Disney, and stars need to be attached.

From there, del Toro would be able to latch onto it during his next break from all his other projects and focus on it. At this time, it isn’t even known if Ryan Gosling will have any involvement with the film at all.

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In 2003, Disney released a family-comedy based on the Haunted Mansion and it starred Eddie Murphy. The film was met with negative reviews from critics and a lot of harsh criticism from Disney fans and lovers of the attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The movie wasn’t scary. It was based very loosely on the attraction itself with just some name-drops to ghosts from the ride. It really didn’t have much direction and seemed to get lost in what it was trying to accomplish in the first place.

Guillermo del Toro loves the Haunted Mansion attraction and his tweet shows that. Not to mention, he got some star treatment by being able to pose in front of an empty Haunted Mansion and also with the organ which is located in the ghostly ballroom in the middle of the ride.

Maybe he’s teasing fans that an update on the Haunted Mansion reboot is coming, or maybe he just liked the pictures. He’s got plenty of work on his plate with Carnival Row, Scary Stores To Tell In The Dark, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, Hellboy 3, and more…but maybe the true horror movie based on the classic Disneyland attraction is coming.

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