Noor Almaleki: Investigation Discovery ‘Dying For Love’ Airs, Honor Killing Of Iraqi-American Woman Murdered In Hit And Run By Father

Noor Almaleki, the 20-year old Iraqi-American girl who was killed in a hit and run accident in Peoria, Arizona, by her father, Faleh Almaleki, because she was “too Westernized,” will be the next riveting story to air on Investigation Discovery’s Forbidden: Dying For Love. In the episode, entitled “To Love, Honor, And Kill,” Investigation Discovery will dramatize the forbidden relationship between Noor Almaleki and her boyfriend, Marwan Alebadi.

Viewers will also learn that a Middle Eastern father became so obsessed with adhering to a code of honor that he was willing to kill his own daughter to preserve it, according to Abigail Pesta’s article in Marie Claire. Forty-eight-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki was eventually convicted for running down his daughter, and her friend, who survived. For his crime, which was described as an honor killing, he was sentenced to 34 years in prison.

In Forbidden: Dying For Love’s next episode, listen carefully as the case is laid out, beginning with the death of the beloved Iraqi-American teenager who died in 2009. Authorities say just before she was fatally wounded, Noor Almaleki, a college student, was walking out of a building with her mother-in-law-to-be, 43-year-old Amal Edan Khalaf, when they were suddenly struck by a person driving a Jeep Cherokee.

When investigators arrived at 89th Avenue and Peoria Road in Arizona, they happened upon a chaotic scene, where people were screaming and one woman was kneeling down, in order to comfort the young woman who was lying unconscious.

Noor Almaleki had already seen her father at the building that day, where she had gone to translate for Amal Khalaf for her welfare benefits appointment. Just before she was attacked, Noor texted the following messages to her friend, according to Phoenix New Times.

“Dude, I’m so scared. Sh*t… At the welfare place, and guess who walks in? My dad!!! I’m so shaky! His fat a*s is right by the door so I can’t even leave. I’m laughing like a crazy person. I hate when this happens to me. I knew I shouldn’t have [woken] up. My dad is a manipulative a**hole, I’ve honestly never met anyone… so evil.”

Witnesses told police that they heard a loud engine, and then, they saw a vehicle speeding up to the young ladies. They hadn’t seen from where the vehicle first arrived. Then, witnesses say what happened next was like right out of a crime movie. The man driving the car suddenly struck the two women, throwing one a great distance, then revving up the engine again to run back over another woman, dragging her body a few feet before he finally stopped. The driver then sped off without stopping to give any aid to the women. Detectives learned that the target was Noor Faleh Almaleki.

Medics transported the badly injured women to the local hospital, where Noor Almaleki lay in a coma and later died. Luckily, Amal, though critically injured, was still alive and able to tell the police that she had not only seen who was driving the car, but she knew his name — Faleh Almaleki, Noor’s own father.

Now, police had the task of trying to figure out why a father would want to kill his own child. The investigation revealed that Faleh Almaleki was an abusive man who was obsessed with sticking to the family’s honor code, a code that is strictly adhered to in Muslim and Middle Eastern society. Friends say Noor Almaleki lived under a cloud of abuse in her household, where she was beaten and emotionally abused for being too “Americanized.” Her father was against her using makeup or wearing clothes that were popular among teens. But, more than anything, he was against her dating or having a boyfriend of any kind.

Noor wanted to be a regular teen girl, and that’s what she was, according to her friends. She did everything they did. She wore beautiful lipsticks and kept every hair in place. She texted and spent hours on her phone communicating with her friends, and she took pictures with boys and placed them on social media. Detectives say the MySpace pictures that Faleh Almaleki found of his daughter hugging boys enraged him. More than that, Noor Almaleki eventually left home to move in with her fiancée, Marwan Alebadi, and his family.

The forbidden relationship between Noor and Marwan will be the focus of Friday’s Forbidden: Dying For Love, where viewers will learn just what the couple had to endure before she was killed. Viewers will also hear just how heartbroken Marwan Alebadi was to learn what happened to his beautiful Noor. At trial, Marwan cried deeply as the crime scene photos were shown. In court, Faleh Almaleki also cried to the judge about his daughter. And though he seemed like a broken man who had committed a grave error, the judge had no sympathy for him, calling him a “mean old man” who killed his own daughter.

Sadly, Noor Almaleki’s story is similar to another story that Inquisitr brought you that was featured on Forbidden: Dying For Love. It was the story of Amina Said, an Egyptian-American girl who was shot to death in the back of a taxi by her own father because she was also living outside of Muslim standards. In that attack, Amina Said’s sister, Sara Said, was also shot and killed. The father, Yaser Said, is still on the run. Forbidden: Dying For Love airs on Fridays at 9 p.m.

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