‘The X-Files’ Mini Series Could Leave Fans Wanting More

After nearly 14 years out, The X-Files returned to our screens via The Fox Network for what is planned to be a 6-hour mini-series. The reboot has now aired two episodes, which according to viewership and ratings could prompt Fox to renew it for a second season.

Agents Mulder and Scully returned to our screens for the first time since May 2002 on January 24, and it is fair to say that they have not disappointed The X-Files fans so far. Both Episodes have amassed viewership of more than 16 million, with ratings ranging from 3.2 and above. The Sunday premiere was watched by more than 13 million viewers, while Monday’s episode was the highest rated on the night.

Last night, everyone was expecting to see whether or not The X-Files would emulate the success achieved in its first episode following its resurrection. The show surprised many when ratings for the first episode and viewership came out. Most of The X-Files critics believed this to be a fluke, but after the achievement of yesterday’s episode, they are now likely to have changed their minds.

The return of The X-Files has been greeted with a warm welcome back to television screens, and this was confirmed last night when it trumped notable new TV Shows that appear to have garnered significant following over the last few months. For instance, CBS’ Supergirl (1.8 rating) and ABC’s The Bachelor (2.3 rating) were well beaten by X-Files‘ second episode, while Fox’s new series Lucifer, which premiered immediately after The X-Files aired its second comeback episode, received 2.4 rating.

The X-Files’ impressive comeback could trigger a series of after effects including several reboots of cancelled shows, or the Fox Network could be convinced to launch a second season of the rebooted 23-year-old series. If The X-Files continues with its strong performance as demonstrated by ratings and viewership, this could see more shows on the Fox network that could come back to our screens including Prison Break and 24, which are already said to be in the pipeline.

Fox’s former hit series 24 was aired as a limited event series, with 12 episodes going by the title 24: Live Another Day in 2014, but now the original title, 24 along with Prison Break could get a lifeline back to our screens, thanks to The X-Files.

The X-Files original series premiered in 1993 and ended in 2002. It was then followed by two feature films with a cast that included its leading characters in the series. The X-Files‘ main characters, agents Scully and Mulder, will continue to be played by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny respectively in the resurrected mini-series.

A lot of fans are very excited about the return of The X-Files, but they will have to keep those ratings steady throughout the rest of the remaining episodes and keep watching in large numbers. These are the key metrics that Fox and other stakeholders of the show will be looking at if they consider renewing it for a second season.

In addition, a few more shows may want to relaunch as well, but there is a huge caveat to rebooting a show that has not been watched for years. Success can never be guaranteed. Fox cut one of its recent sci-fi shows, Minority Report, from 13 episodes to 10. Fox has yet to make an official announcement on whether or not the show has been cancelled.

As such, it is important for The X-Files enthusiasts to keep calm and keep watching to drive those ratings higher in order to avoid a similar action.

The Fox Network will air the next episode of The X-Files titled “Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster” on February 1.

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