Robin Williams House: Two Winemakers Buy Napa Valley Estate For $18.1M

The home of late actor Robin Williams is finally sold!

Forbes reports that the Oscar-winning actor’s 650-acre Napa Valley estate sold for $18.1 million in a transaction that closed Friday.

Who purchased the former home of Robin Williams for over $18 million? According to the report, winemakers Alfred and Melanie Tesseron were the buyers that approved this multi-million dollar deal. The couple was represented by William Densberger from Pacific Union in this particular real estate transaction.

Robin Williams
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The Tesserons are from the Chateau Pontet-Canet winery, which is located in the Bordeaux region of France. Forbes reports that Alfred and Melanie were in the market for a property in Napa Valley for quite some time. Densberger confirmed that they were “looking for a vineyard estate that can produce world-class wines.”

Why didn’t the Tesserons agree to buy the Robin Williams’ estate when it first hit the market? Densberger stated that the listed price of the estate played a major role in the Tesserons’ decision to purchase it.

When the Napa Valley ranch first hit the market back in 2012 – nearly two years before Robin Williams died by suicide – it was listed for $35 million. Several months before the actor’s death, the estate was relisted in April 2014 for just $29.9 million.

The price continued to drop even after Robin Williams passed away. The listing, which was managed by Cyd Greer and Joyce Rey of Coldwell Banker Previews International, reportedly dropped down to $22.9 million recently.

According to Densberger, “as the price came down and got more reasonable, [the Williams estate] was compelling.”

That “compelling” offer may have had more to do with the actual land than the fact that the property was once the home of Robin Williams. Forbes reports that the Tesserons viewed the 18.4 acres of planted grapes on the estate as a major highlight of the property.

Densberger confirmed that the couple plans to use those planted grapes, which have been used recently by Robert Craig Winery, to make Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, as well as Petit Verdot.

How the Tesserons plan to use Robin Williams’ 20,000-square-foot home has not been confirmed yet.

As reported by Today, the interior of the actual home is a major selling point all by itself.

Robin Williams
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The Napa Valley home was reportedly inspired by the Palladian architectural style used in the 18th century. In addition to its five bedrooms and eight baths, the home comes with an elevator, pool room, library as well as a screening room.

The craftsmanship of the home is taken one step higher in quality with its imported Portuguese limestone exterior, along with the verdigris and gold leaf ceilings found in the master suite and library. There are even mosaic glass tile rotundas.

Perhaps the Tesserons fell in love with the climate-controlled wine cellars of the vineyard property or its viewing tower that allows them to keep an eye on the acreage along with the hiking trails, tennis court, olive orchard, and seven-stall horse barn. The property even comes with a 3,200-square-foot guest home.

Robin Williams
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The tragic death of Robin Williams shocked the world when he hung himself in his California home in August of 2014, according to The Guardian. In the weeks and months following Robin’s suicide, many of his colleagues, friends, and fans speculated that his longtime battle with depression played a major role in his death.

However, Robin Williams’ wife Susan shared a somewhat different perspective on the death of her husband by claiming that his depression was just one piece of the puzzle. In an interview with People magazine, Susan said that “it was not depression that killed Robin” since “depression was one of…50 symptoms and it was a small one.”

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