The ‘Zombie House Flipping’ Crew Remodels The Most Challenging Homes They Can Find

Reality shows based on flipping run-down homes are definitely a popular trend right now. Red Carpet Crash shared that the FYI network will debut their own new, eight-episode series called Zombie House Flipping. Justin Stamper, along with his faithful companion and sidekick Marley the dog, looks for abandoned and foreclosed “zombie houses” that most flippers would run from. Stamper and his Zombie House Flipping team are known as the “Robin Hoods of Real Estate” in the Orlando, Florida area.

“The problem of zombie homes blighting neighborhoods across America is ripped from the headlines,” said Gena McCarthy, who is the senior vice president of programming and development for the FYI network. “Once again, FYI is tapping into the social zeitgeist to create a unique and entertaining format in the home genre.”

Once Justin and his Zombie House Flipping team of expert renovators pick out a dilapidated property, they go to work transforming these horrific eyesores into beautiful homes that anyone would be proud to call their own. On each property, the Zombie House Flipping crew knows that the task of working on these mind-numbing properties isn’t easy, cheap, or quick.

They must also work within the constraints of having a limited amount of time and money to invest in each renovation. With Queen Marley of Pupopolis, as Stamper calls his pup in a recent Twitter post, supervising the crew as they work, what could possibly go wrong? During a sneak peek of the new series, Marley accompanies the team and wades through weeds and trash in the back yard of a home that the Zombie House Flipping crew is looking at as a potential property to renovate. Marley may quickly become a fan favorite as she investigates each home with Stamper and the Zombie House Flipping team.

Keith, who is the Zombie House Flipping team’s builder, and Duke, who manages all the designing aspects and decisions, have their hands full as they deal with everything from sagging and leaking roofs to electrical fires and pipe problems. Besides the myriad of issues they may face on Zombie House Flipping, the two men occasionally have differing opinions and visions on how to renovate the homes. They often find themselves disagreeing on everything from what type of bathroom tile to use to what is the proper type of window that would work best in a Tudor home, but in the end, they manage to bring it all together.

Another important Zombie House Flipping team member is Ashlee, who according to Multichannel News is the “property scout and realtor extraordinaire.” When the Zombie House Flipping properties are finished and ready to sell, she handles the listings with an eye toward making a nice profit. Undoubtedly, they all keep their fingers crossed that their hard work pays off in a big way. Once a home is sold, they go on to their next “zombie hunt.”

Zombie House Flipping is produced for FYI by the Pilgrim Media Group, known for a wide variety of popular shows such as Ghost Hunters, Wicked Tuna, Fast N’ Loud, and more. The executive producers for Pilgrim Media Group are Craig Piligian, Sam Korkis, and Scott Popjes. Executive producers for the FYI network are Gena McCarthy, Liz Fine, and Jordan Harman.

If you enjoy watching house-flipping shows, then give this new series a try and watch as the Zombie House Flipping team breathes new life into neighborhoods, one house at a time. Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Zombie House Flipping debuts on Saturday, January 30 at 10 p.m. ET on the FYI channel.

[Image via Pilgrim Studios/Twitter]

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