Jenelle Evans Lied About Car Theft, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Left Out Key Details

Jenelle Evans recently lashed out against ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith. She had just returned to North Carolina after vacationing in Florida. When Evans returned, she discovered her car was missing. This was just the beginning of the drama that has erupted between Griffith and Evans since she returned home just a few days ago. Instead of handling it immediately and calling the police the moment she noticed the car was gone, Evans initiated a rant on Twitter. She threw out accusations and harsh words at Griffith. As it turns out, Evans may not have been completely truthful.

While they were in a relationship, Jenelle Evans supported Nathan Griffith. She gave up a lot of her things to get things he wanted, including a truck that he can no longer drive. When Evans left for Florida, she left her car parked at the airport. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans’ car wasn’t stolen by Nathan Griffith, she has alleged on Twitter. Both of their names were on the car title, and since Griffith knew where Evans typically parks, he went and picked up the car. Now that the truth has been revealed, the charges Griffith will face change. Because Evans kept his name on the title, the car is technically theirs in equal portions. She can still get Griffith for larceny, especially for the things that she owned that were in the car he took.

The saga between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith has been going on for what seems like an eternity. The two were not together long before Evans found herself pregnant with their son. In fact, everyone close to her was advising she wait to have another child, especially since Barbara is still raising Jace. Instead of heeding the advice, Evans decided to continue to try having a baby with Griffith. Just a few months after Kaiser was born, the couple split. It was a messy breakup, complete with Evans being arrested. These two bring out the very worst in one another and have tempers that get out of control.

Now that the real situation has been cleared up and it was proven that Jenelle Evans initially lied about car theft, there is still a legal issue for Nathan Griffith. The things he took in the car belonged to his child and Evans. Reports indicate things taken included jackets, a car seat, and some other miscellaneous items. The items totaled right around $1,000, which is why a larceny charge was filed. According to OK! Magazine, Jenelle Evans had the police issue a warrant for the arrest of Nathan Griffith. This entire incident seems extreme, but Evans is going to do whatever it takes to stick it to Griffith.

When Jenelle Evans initially took to Twitter to complain about Nathan Griffith and the car, she had fans riled up. There were several tweets that indicated support from Teen Mom 2 fans, many of them bashing Griffith. As it turns out, Evans deleted her initial tweets accusing Griffith of theft. She did keep retweeting comments from her followers with Griffith mentioned in them. Despite the untrue accusations Evans fielded at Griffith, she has not come out and apologized. What she said initially was wrong, and she didn’t give fans all of the details. The car was taken from the airport, not her home.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Jenelle Evans will have this played out in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. There have been reports that filming has started, although nothing was confirmed that would be considered reliable to back it up. Evans claims she is not returning to the show, but fans believe she will. Nathan Griffith will continue to film for the show because he is Kaiser’s father. The next few days should be interesting because either Griffith will turn himself in or will find himself under arrest. Jenelle Evans will likely announce when Griffith has been picked up.

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