Explain How This Works, Please

Maybe you can help answer a question for me: how can France be Johnny Depp’s country of escape, and yet the Brangelina Pack has been stalked day after day along the Riviera? I know there’s a catch, since Depp has been known to threaten the photogs and the locals aren’t helpful, but it still strikes me as odd. I’m sure Angelina and Brad aren’t exactly pleased that they’ve been snapped hanging out at their villa, jet-setting around, boating, and strolling. Amongst other equally entertaining things. Can’t a girl who’s reportedly going to burst with twins get a break?

So what’s the secret? Is Johnny just more of a bad-ass? Perhapa Angelina won’t be as upset when she gets her big payout for her baby photos, which could total a possible $10 million. I know she’d donate it anyway, but still. Wow.

Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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