Farrah Abraham Keeping Sophia From Her Mother: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Taking Things Too Far?

Farrah Abraham is back on Teen Mom after some drama last season. Farrah returned to the show, but her co-stars were not pleased with the producers’ decision to bring her back. They didn’t want to be associated with her porn career, especially now that their children were old enough to learn about her risky behavior and career decision.

But it sounds like Farrah Abraham actually has drama with a lot of people. During an upcoming episode of Teen Mom, Farrah flips out on her mother because she felt that she was being insensitive. Even though Abraham looked rude and harsh with her mother, she claims that the fight was much more than what fans saw on the show.

According to a new Radar Online report, Farrah Abraham is now defending her decision to yell at her mother. She claims that her mother Debra Danielsen was acting out and being kind of “b***hy towards me.”

“I just felt like [it was] selfishness,” Farrah explained to Radar Online, adding, “I was just seeing some of the traits that we work hard on in therapy becoming issues again, and so I was getting very upset because the work we’re trying in therapy wasn’t really working at the time.”

Since Abraham was upset with her mother, she decided to keep Sophia from her mother. It seems like such a drastic move to get Sophia involved and keep her from her grandmother, simply because Abraham felt a bit insulted and mad.

“I was upset with her and I wouldn’t let her watch Sophia because I didn’t really think that she was prepared for that and for as long as a month,” Abraham told Radar Online, adding, “We just weren’t really getting along and were clashing. I break it down to selfishness, and when she’s being selfish, I really don’t like that because the main focus is for Sophia.”

Farrah and her mother have been arguing since they first filmed 16 & Pregnant years ago. They have gone to therapy, they have filed legal charges against one another, and Farrah has kept her daughter from her mother.

“It’s a work in progress. I always continue working on our relationship with my mom. I love her,” Farrah Abraham revealed about on-going efforts to make her relationship with her mother work, adding, “I think everyone’s seen it. My mom has changed so much over the years from the first 16 & Pregnant where we saw her slapping me in the car and driving me crazy, it’s now we can talk. We just get very flustered.”

Just because Abraham gets flustered doesn’t mean that she would keep Sophia from her mother all the time. In fact, she claims that their working relationship gets in the way.

“Yes I let my mom watch Sophia all the time,” Farrah reveals, adding, “I would always let her watch Sophia. Frustration may arise because it’s only to work and better our relationship. I love that I care so much to fight for a better relationship and I’m happy about that.”

Legal troubles have gotten between them once before, but it sounds like Farrah won’t be filing charges against her mother again. But Abraham is caught up in another legal problem with her Big Brother co-star, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Aisleyne is facing assault charges for throwing champagne on Abraham while they were filming the show, according to Design N Trend. A trial is expected to take place in March in the U.K., and the case has caused quite the stir in the United Kingdom. Taxpayers are frustrated that they have to pay for this trial.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s behavior towards her mother?

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