Vanessa Hudgens On Playing Rizzo In ‘Grease: Live!’: ‘She’s Tough, She’s Got Grit’

Vanessa Hudgens appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday and talked about the production she is involved in, Grease: Live! Yet again, she is in high school, but Betty Rizzo is a very different type of character than that of Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. People reports that Vanessa Hudgens said she enjoyed watching Grease when she was growing up.

“I definitely watched [Grease] growing up. I feel like it always a part of my life.”

Apparently, Vanessa Hudgens used to think of herself in the role of Sandy, but now that she is playing Betty, she is loving it.

“I mean, she’s such an amazing part. Now that I’m older, I’m like, oh my God. She’s tough. She’s got grit.”

But Vanessa Hudgens reveals that doing a live onstage performance is different from making a movie.

“We were doing ‘Sandra Dee’ and I stepped on a bench in front of the bed and it flipped and I just fell on my butt so hard. It’s horrible. You think you’re dying, and someone wants you to mess up. They’re like, ‘Ha-ha, it’s so funny,’ and you’re like, ‘I hurt!'”

The Los Angeles Times reports that Vanessa Hudgens and the rest of the cast of Grease: Live! do not plan on making the show squeaky clean for the Fox production. For instance, Hudgens confirms that Betty still worries about pregnancy.

“Rizzo does still have a pregnancy scare. It’s still there.”

Apparently, while on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Vanessa Hudgens also joined a girl’s group. E! News reports that Kimmel brought his own group of Freedom Kids onto the show, and Hudgens got all dressed up in her red, white, and blue to sing with them. The twist? These kids were singing for Jeb Bush rather than Donald Trump.

Of course, Vanessa Hudgens will never truly leave her High School Musical days behind, or perhaps they won’t leave her behind. Seventeen reports that almost the entire cast reunited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first movie, and Vanessa Hudgens was totally onboard. The only cast member missing was Zac Efron, who played opposite Hudgens’ character as Troy Bolton. The cast met in a Los Angeles high school gym and reminisced about the movies. Then Monique Coleman, who played Taylor McKessie, brought out an iPad full of footage from some of the original auditions of the cast. It was amazing to see the chemistry between Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

Unfortunately, there have been some rumors that Vanessa Hudgens and Efron aren’t on good terms. Hollywood Life reports that Hudgens can’t stand Efron and would not have done the reunion if he was able to be there. A source spoke of the conflict.

“Vanessa and Zac are on bad terms and they don’t want to see each other. Things would be awkward and there would be a lot of issues that would come up and they wouldn’t feel comfortable faking it in front of cameras. They had a horrible breakup and she really doesn’t want to hear his name let alone be in the same room with him. To say she was relieved he wasn’t there is an understatement. She probably wouldn’t have done it had he confirmed showing up for it.”

Fans can only hope that this is not true because it would be devastating to know the pair with such on-screen chemistry was at odds. Besides, if there ever is another High School Musical movie with this cast, then fans would want them to be able to work together.

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