Jena Malone Talks Pregnancy and New Sundance Film ‘Lovesong’

Actress Jena Malone is a woman of many talents in Hollywood, and now she is about to add “Mother” to her resume. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 actress has announced that her and boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo are expecting their first child together.

According to a report by USA Today, the 31-year-old actress is about to discover the joy of motherhood and she now has the tiny baby bump to prove it.

Malone shared the first picture of her tiny baby bump on Instagram and she seemed quite smitten with the idea that she is now going to be a mother. Jena accompanied the picture with several words of authentic prose that gave Malone a little more cred off the screen and on the paper.

Jena also gave credit to her boyfriend (and soon to be father of her baby) for taking the picture, which illuminated her young and stylish journey into the wonderful realm of parenthood.

Before she was carrying (presumably), Malone had just wrapped her role on a new feature that premiered at Sundance, Lovesong, alongside Riley Keough, according to Variety. There are also enough reasons for fans of the actress to run out and the see the film when it releases to more theaters.

Keough plays a young mother, and wife, in her twenties when she reconnects with her childhood best friend, played by Jena Malone. The film mirrors the sentiment of young society these days, with Keough and Malone playing two women who are doomed to exist with feelings for one another, but never really get to see them through.

In the film, Keough is the mother to a young daughter, Jessica. Malone comes back into the picture and quickly takes to Keough’s young daughter and she takes her out one night for some general bar room debauchery.

As with many films set in the time period, one thing leads to another, and Keough’s character becomes enamored with Malone’s and they get a taste of what they feel for one another.

The film takes on a skeptic tone and even though Malone and Keough’s characters do not have the chains of social pariah hanging over their head, there is something that remains a constant barrier between the two.

By the time the movie reaches the halfway point, Malone and her carefree spirit runs away and when the couple meet again, three years later, it is Malone is getting married and about to become everything that her best friend is; the very thing that holds the two back, and the barrier that may exist between their own love for one another.

Malone has taken a side role in many films, and even though the movie clearly displays Keough as the star, it is Malone who drives the film with her subtle, carefree attitude and being the object of everything that Keough’s character desires.

It certainly is a good thing that the movie did wrap when it did because Jena Malone may not be able to make many appearances in the near future as her new pregnancy matures. Her and her boyfriend have not announced any plans to get married, but that does not mean they are ruling it out.

As is the case with many couples, Malone and DeLorenzo could be taking their time and waiting for the right moment, should they ever decide to officially tie the knot.

Even though Malone is about to be come a new mother, fans can likely expect to see her staying on track with her career. She has the obvious skills to put both feet forward when the opportunity presents itself, so Malone will likely be a big part of many Hollywood films to come.

There has been no word yet when Riley Keough and Jena Malone’s Lovesong will be released in theaters or on digital.

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