Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Think The Academy Is Racist, Says ‘I Won One Once’

Whoopi Goldberg is a force to be reckoned with when she needs to be. Since taking the moderator position on The View, Goldberg has let the world know where she stands on issues. She doesn’t back down, even when there is conflict brewing at the round table. Goldberg’s honesty sometimes leads to trouble for her, but she accepts it head on. In fact, she often addresses it head on, saying something about how people are feeling across social media. Goldberg is active on Facebook and Twitter, and while she doesn’t intentionally start conflicts, she often finds herself under fire for comments she has made.

This morning, Whoopi Goldberg brought up the topic of the Oscars and the Academy. She voiced her opinion on whether or not the issues being brought to the forefront were valid. Goldberg won an Oscar, and it had been several decades after another African-American actress had one. According to Us Weekly, Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t think the Academy is racist. She pointed out her win, but also went on to say that if the writers and directors aren’t using minorities on the screen, the outcome people want isn’t going to happen. This discussion comes on the heels of the Academy vowing to add more minorities and women by 2020.

The topic of the Oscars has been one the ladies of The View have been talking about for several days. Whoopi Goldberg has voiced her opinions on several things, including the statement made by Jada Pinkett-Smith about boycotting. The trending hashtag #OscarsSoWhite even had the ladies talking. Because Goldberg isn’t afraid of backlash, she put some truths on the table about the situation. While many don’t agree with the way she is approaching the situation, Goldberg isn’t backing down from her stance that the Academy isn’t completely to blame.

By avoiding the Oscars completely, Whoopi Goldberg believes it is a slap in the face for comedian Chris Rock. He is hosting the Oscars this year, and the lack of attendance is also going to affect his job as well. Goldberg has constantly talked about how directors in general need to write for the audiences. There needs to be more minorities cast in roles where people will see them. Goldberg challenged the ladies on the panel of The View today and asked if they would realize if they watched a show and no minorities were present. While no one specifically answered, Goldberg admitted she would.

It seems that people are missing Whoopi Goldberg’s points. While the ladies on The View seem to humor her opinions, it doesn’t come across as they are understanding where she is coming from. According to The Wrap, Whoopi Goldberg corrected Paula Faris when she tried to point out what the Academy was trying to do as far as making changes. Goldberg repeated her thoughts about it not being on the screen and people not being able to vote for it. Even if the Academy was only minority-based, if there aren’t any minorities on the screen, you can’t vote for them.

Even before the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, Whoopi Goldberg has always advocated for minorities getting better roles. In fact, she handed out her resume on The View live when talking about someone who primarily hires white actors for his film. Goldberg also dropped a subtle hint about wanting to be in a Marvel movie on the show today, but that was overshadowed by her comments regarding the Academy. Goldberg is known for speaking her mind and not backing down on stances she takes. If there is a trending issue and The View discusses it, you will always walk away knowing just exactly where Whoopi Goldberg stands.

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