‘The X-Files’ Miniseries: Mulder And Scully Return To Thrilled Fans And Unimpressed Critics

The X-Files returned to TV last night with the first of six episodes that will air every Monday in a Fox miniseries. According to Entertainment Weekly, 13.5 million people tuned in to see the return of Scully and Moulder. Early reviews are mixed with most critics being less than enthused and most fans being happy with it. Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Goodman described it as follows.

“a very underwhelming hour that will force even diehard fans (and yes, I was one of them) to consider whether pushing onward is really worth the time.”

Fans tweeted total satisfaction for the X-Files premiere.

X-Files creator Chris Carter told Hollywood Reporter that is pretty much what he expected.

“It was very nice. Now, we’ve taken a couple critical hits, but I knew not everyone was going to like it. It was always going to land with some people and not with others. I’m very proud of the episode. I think it’s got huge scope, huge paranoia and drives the mythology in a whole other direction.”

Those who were able to view episodes of the X-Files mini-series before the rest of us have called the first two episodes disappointing, adding that things improve with the third one that will air next week.

Part of the challenge with bringing X-Files back to the small screen is a challenge you would experience with any show that’s been off the air for fourteen years. The generation who watched the original X-Files series is eager to see it return to TV. It’s nostalgic and a piece of our history that we remember fondly. But, there is a whole new generation who must be considered as well. Many of the comments about how “clunky” or overly expository the first couple of episodes of the X-Files miniseries are is largely because of this dual challenge. The producers have to create something that freshens the memory of those who tuned in religiously from 1993 to 2001 as well as provide a framework for and create interest in new viewers. It’s a tall order. And one that many feel could have been done better.


Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the first episode of the X-Files mini-series and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now.

In this first new episode of X-Files, Sveta (who has alien DNA and odd scars from where either aliens or the government took her unborn alien children) uses her telepathic abilities to tell new viewers and remind viewers of the earlier X-Files series that Mulder and Scully had a child together. The baby was named William. He had telekinetic abilities and seemed to be somehow connected to an alien world. He was given up for adoption, because Scully felt she could no longer protect him. In one X-Files promo, viewers learn that William will be part of the series in some capacity. He will at least be a topic of discussion as Scully talks to Mulder about her guilt and feelings of failure for giving him up, although her motives were good.

The Lone Gunman was a group of three in the original X-Files. They were computer hackers who assisted Mulder and Scully from time to time. They died at the end of theX-Files series, sacrificing their lives in order to protect the world from bioterrorists releasing a virus on the world. But they are back for the X-Files mini-series! It’s not known if this will be as ghost versions of themselves (similar to the series finale), or if, like in the comic book series upon which the show is based, they survived and will be seen alive and well.

The X-Files mini-series will air every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on Fox through February 22.

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