WWE News: Update On AJ Styles WWE Contract, Big Multi-Year Deal Signed Last Week

As we all know by now, the rumors and news on former TNA and NJPW star AJ Styles coming to WWE all turned out to be true. WWE made his debut at the Royal Rumble last night into a big deal. He came out early, No. 3, to an awesome theme and went face to face with who WWE wants to be the face of WWE in the future, Roman Reigns. He stayed in the match for about 30 minutes, even adding an elimination to his credit.

He can now say he competed in a Royal Rumble match, which not everyone has the luxury of saying in their career. It seems obvious he will have his first WrestleMania match this year as well. We could find out more about that tonight on WWE RAW, where AJ Styles is scheduled to make his RAW debut.

His contract with WWE is something that has gotten a lot of people talking. How long has he signed, would he remain known as AJ Styles? According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there is a lot of cool things going down with Styles.

The 38-year-old Styles will remain known as AJ Styles and has licensed the use of his name to WWE while he is with the company. They also will allow him to use the Styles Clash move and its name will remain the same, as Styles licensed that to WWE as well for the time being. They also are licensed “The Phenomenal One” nickname by AJ’s camp as well.

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He will also allow WWE to use these trademarks for video use even after he leaves the company in the future.

AJ Styles reportedly agreed to the terms of the WWE contract offered last week. It is set to be a multi-year deal, which AJ hinted at last night in an interview with WWE.com. The money end of things is not yet known, however, it is reportedly expected to be quite high. NJPW was said to have offered AJ a big deal, and TNA Wrestling also offered Styles quite a lot to come in as well.

Basically, he was the hottest free agent in the world and everyone wanted him. WWE got him and paid big for it. It appears they also licensed a DMX song for AJ Styles, which certainly means they feel he is going to be a huge part of their upper card for a while.

It uncertain how WWE feels about him as far as a World Title goes. However, it would not be shocking that they would allow him to at least have WWE World Title matches in the future. He could also be a Money in the Bank winner in the future without much doubt from fans, as AJ in a ladder match is just a given great idea.

AJ Dixie
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AJ Styles commands a lot of respect from fans because he is a long time veteran of professional wrestling. He is by no means someone to take lightly as he is one of the best in the world without any doubt. WWE fans will get to see just how good he is soon hopefully.

WWE mentioned that Styles was a former IWGP World Champion, which means they seem to be okay with acknowledging his NJPW status. They never mentioned TNA either on television or off in their formal introduction of him. They did say he wrestled the likes of Sting and Samoa Joe in Florida, which might be the only nod to TNA that they will ever come close to.

TNA tweeted out congratulations to AJ last night, which seemed to be backhanded as they ripped he and his former Bullet Club brethren just a few days ago for backing out of a TNA contract. It seemed like an ex-girlfriend trying to be happy for her former boyfriend getting married to some other girl. Styles seems to be set for a potential rivalry with Kevin Owens soon, but there is a chance that this could just go through to WWE Fast Lane, and he might end up with a different opponent at WrestleMania 32.

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