Dallas Cowboys News: Dez Bryant Comes Down On Cowboys Fans For Lack Of Support

The 2015 season for the Dallas Cowboys is not one that anyone really wants to remember or think much about. Ending with only four victories, it was their lowest win total since going 1-15 back in 1989, but there was a lot that contributed to it. Tony Romo‘s numerous injuries were one problem, but so were Dez Bryant’s. Now, Bryant has publicly let the fans know that he wasn’t too happy with how they’ve acted.

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and right before the NFC Conference Championship, Bryant decided to hop on Instagram. This is when he posted an image of a note he wrote, and it wasn’t overly complimentary to Cowboys’ fans.

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First, he wanted to point out the situation he dealt with during the season where was limited to just nine games with a broken foot.

“I’m not going to make excuses about my performance in 2015 because I chose to play knowing what I was dealing with..a broken foot to be exact. A lot of people have memory issues so let me explain what you are dealing with while playing in the National Football League playing with an injury like that. It messes with you mentally plain and simple.

“But at the same time some of you Cowboys fans have no understanding. Little do you all know.”

As shown by the first half of his message, he obviously wasn’t thrilled with how some Cowboys fans reacted to this season. How could they? It would be frustrating for any fan, player, or coach to watch a team go from 12-4 and one playoff victory to 4-12 in the span of just one season.

Fox Sports pointed out, though, that Bryant isn’t upset with all of the fans of the Dallas Cowboys. He has high hopes for the 2016 season and believes that there is so much more that can be done with this team and any additions they bring in.

“Y’all fans played a huge part in my return. Y’all gave me hope and also made me believe I can do it with second thoughts. I’m in the process of healing properly and extremely impatient about this 2016 season.”

Dez Bryant’s injury really did hurt the Dallas Cowboys in 2015, and that is extremely obvious by how things went. In nine games, Bryant had just 31 receptions for 401 yards and three touchdowns, but he also was limited in the games he was able to play.

The bigger impact on the season for the Cowboys were the injuries to Tony Romo.

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Romo played in just four games last season for the Cowboys and had just 884 yards passing with five touchdowns. His absence really hurt Dallas, as they could never get anything going with Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, or Kellen Moore under center.

In the offseason, Romo is having another surgery to have a plate attached to his left collarbone to prevent further damage or a new injury. Many have wondered if he would be ready for the 2016 season, but the Shreveport Times reports that Romo said he will be “ready to rock” for offseason training activities.

That may be pushing things, but there is a unique possibility that he will be ready for training camp this summer.

The Dallas Cowboys want 2016 to be a much better season than 2015 was, but the key will be staying healthy. Tony Romo needs to stay healthy. Dez Bryant needs to stay healthy, and they need the support of the fans who realize that bad situations arise, but you’ve got to work together to get out of them.

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