Beyonce Pregnant? Baby No. 2 Announcement Could Come During Super Bowl Halftime

Is Beyonce pregnant? If she is, it is possible that she will announce her pregnancy at Super Bowl 50. Even if she doesn’t announce, folks might be able to see the start of a baby bump when she takes the stage during the Super Bowl Halftime show. Multiple sources, including Hollywood Life, eagerly insist that the singer is pregnant and is already four months along. If that is the case, Beyonce would be noticeably pregnant by February 7. If Beyonce appears in a leotard type of costume
(which is fairly typical for her) the answer should be rather obvious.

Meanwhile, various celebrity magazines and websites are racking up a lot of conjecture that has led them to the conclusion that Beyonce is expecting her second child. Thankfully, evidence points to the fact that Bey has been trying to conceive, which means these rumors could actually be true.

Does A Substantial Increase In the Number Of Her Personal Security Guards Mean She is Pregnant?

One Hollywood Life article tells us that they have an inside source reporting to them exclusively. The source divulges that Bey has increased her already ample security force significantly.

“Beyonce is giving every indication that she really is pregnant. In recent months she has bulked up her security team to keep her protected. It really is quite an intimidating sight to see, something is going on with her for sure.”

Of course, Bey might feel the need to train a larger staff of security guards for the Super Bowl Halftime event. She will be a pretty high profile guest in a large crowd as she joins Coldplay and the others.

Is Beyonce Pregnant, Suddenly Fearful, Or Just Hiding From The Public?

A video posted of Beyonce practicing her Super Bowl Halftime routine at the University of Southern California stadium a few short days ago, certainly made it clear the anonymous source was right about security. Her body guards were blocking the view of her as well, as she slipped into the stadium. However, it is hard to tell anything about her body, in the video, because she is wearing an enormous green rain coat with a huge hood. It is several sizes too large and she is holding it clasped to her abdomen with her hand. She was kept out of sight as much as possible and between the hood, her dark sunglasses glasses and the floppy green raincoat, it was hard to recognize her, much less see if Beyonce is pregnant.

The video clip below features what little can be seen. You be the judge.

uper Bowl XLVII Beyonce Halftime Show
uper Bowl XLVII Beyonce Halftime Show (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Why Is Beyonce Wearing Baggy Clothing?

Beyonce has been seen wearing baggy clothing for weeks now. This has been well documented in various recent photos, and is an abrupt departure from her usual wardrobe. It certainly could be a sign of pregnancy, or possibly weight gain. It is unusual for her to wear the kinds of clothing she has been seen in consistently for weeks. Of course she can’t hide behind big sweats or giant raincoats during her Superbowl Halftime performance, so she will be revealing all then. This is another reason to expect she will announce her pregnancy. It would be better to announce if it is obvious.

Beyonce is she Pregnant Again? (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Beyonce is she Pregnant Again? (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Bey Is Moody

Many associated rumors are also flying. Enstars has reported that Beyonce and Jay Z are fighting. The fight rumors are widespread and seem connected to the pregnancy rumors. Enstars says Beyonce recently threw a phone at Jay Z. Pregnancy has been known to cause women to be bit moody so if this rumor is true, then perhaps this is another reason to think that Bey is with child. Of course — she could be nervous about her Superbowl Halftime Show as well!

Enstars and many others report that Life & Style Magazine had an inside source telling them how happy Beyonce is to be pregnant. She has been trying to conceive her second child for several years and she has wanted to give Jay Z a son.

“Bey is pregnant,” says a source adding that she is “roughly four months along… She feels like she has been trying to have a second baby since Blue was born. Her dream has finally come true.”

Do you think Beyonce is pregnant? Do you think she will announce her pregnancy at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show?

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

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