Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’: Dakota Johnson Accidentally Drops F-Bomb After Being Dumped

Jimmy Fallon is at it again. First off, who wouldn’t want to have an epic grilled cheese cook-off with the host of The Tonight Show? People reports that Mario Batali appeared on The Tonight Show and he and Fallon competed to make the best grilled cheese sandwich.

Naturally, being a professional chef, Batali used only the finest ingredients, especially compared to Jimmy Fallon’s Wonder Bread and processed cheese. Batali pointed out Fallon’s insufficient ingredients.

“Your cheese is already melting because it has an artificially low temperature because it’s not made of milk. Don’t you find that to be a problem, sir?”

Jimmy Fallon even used maple butter in his sandwich. Whose sandwich was the winner? Questlove did a blindfold taste test and chose Fallon’s sandwich! Check it out!

Jimmy Fallon also didn’t disappoint when he had Dakota Johnson on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night. First of all, Johnson killed it in an incredible Gucci dress. Seriously, this dress was beautiful and flowing in shades of pink and red with a sparkling yellow bow on the front.

After Johnson’s incredible entrance, Jimmy Fallon spoke with Johnson about her new film, How to Be Single.

However, the absolute best part of the night was when Johnson introduced Jimmy Fallon to what she called “The Acting Game.” While it’s usually Fallon who comes up with the hilarious games, this one was a gem Johnson brought to the show with her. The game is played when the person acting it out pretends to answer the phone and then has to play out the scenario they are given.

Johnson explained, “I only played it once. You get a fake scenario and answer the phone and act out the scenario.”

Johnson’s first call was from her “fiancé,” Darth Vader. Unfortunately, the call was cut short because Johnson dropped the “f-bomb” during the conversation. She starts with, “Hi, babe.” Then she asked if he just woke up.

“Did you just wake up?” she asks

Then she finds out he’s leaving her for someone else.

“Who the f***?” she responds.

The producers bleeped out the word, but the effect was still evident. Then Jimmy Fallon took his turn as a famous chef explaining how to make turkey stuffing. Finally, Johnson got a call telling her that she is rejected from clown school. Check it out!

There is no doubt Jimmy Fallon will use Johnson’s game for future guests. But Fallon also had some singing fun this week when he got together with Lin-Manuel Miranda of the Broadway hit Hamilton. Billboard reports that Fallon used his incredible array of voices to display the vocal stylings of musicians such as Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Bono, and Bruce Springsteen.

The goal was for Jimmy Fallon to sing “You’ll Be Back” from the musical Hamilton in whatever vocal styling Miranda shouted out. The effect was truly amazing and very funny.

Of course, Jimmy Fallon had Miranda on The Tonight Show to help promote Hamilton. Vanity Fair reports that they also played the game called “Wheel of Freestyle,” in which Miranda faced off against Tariq from The Roots.

They would spin the wheel and get three random words that they had to incorporate into an improvised freestyle rap. Needless to say, it was phenomenal.

There is no telling what Jimmy Fallon will get up to or when it will happen. But there is no doubt that whatever it is and whoever it’s with, it will be funny. It always is!

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