Lamar Odom Health Update: Khloe Kardashian Claims His Short-Term Memory Is Not Good

Lamar Odom is doing great after leaving the hospital earlier this month, and during a recent taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, his wife, Khloe Kardashian, and her sister, Kourtney, spoke about his ongoing recovery.

“He’s doing really good,” Khloe told DeGeneres during a FaceTime call during the episode, via a January 25 report by Us Weekly.

Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada, on October 13, and immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where he remained in a coma for three days. Once he awoke, Lamar Odom, who was surrounded by family members, including Khloe, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Liza Morales, and his two children, Lamar Odom Jr. and Destiny Odom, was transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he continued his recovery for three months until he was released earlier this month.

“His long-term memory is great. His short-term memory isn’t so good, but I mean, if I met someone earlier today I probably wouldn’t remember either, so that’s understandable!” Khloe continued of Lamar Odom’s ongoing struggles. “But he’s great. He’s hung out with Kourt’s and Kim’s kids. He loves family time. So he’s been doing really good. I think it makes him feel good to be around everyone, too, and to just be in a happy environment over obviously where he was.”

Although Lamar Odom’s children were not able to remain with him during his hospital stay in Los Angeles (they attend school full-time in New York City, where they reside with their mother, Morales), the two kids did visit him around the holidays, prior to his release.

As for what Lamar Odom knows about his hospitalization, Kourtney claimed she and the rest of his family were being honest about his dire state upon arrival to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

“We’ve explained to him the situation,” Kourtney explained. “We were told he had four hours to live so it’s a miracle really.”

“And every day he’ll ask me, ‘So what happened to me?’ ” Khloe continued. “Like today specifically, he was like, ‘How many tubes did I have in me again?’ And I’m honest, but it’s good that he wants to know these answers. Before he didn’t want to know, he wasn’t ready to know. So it’s great that he’s at the point that he’s ready to know everything happened.”

Lamar Odom married Khloe Kardashian in September, 2009, a mere 30 days after meeting the reality star at a party thrown by his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Ron Artest. Throughout their marriage, Lamar Odom and Khloe were often seen together on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe & Lamar. Then, in mid-2013, rumors began swirling, claiming Lamar Odom was cheating on Khloe with multiple women, and using drugs behind her back.

Although Khloe eventually filed for divorce in December, 2013, she remained close with Lamar Odom, and when he was hospitalized, she immediately flew to his side, and due to their divorce being not yet finalized, she was left in charge of making key medical decisions for the former professional athlete.

On the currently airing 11th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Lamar Odom’s name has been mentioned a number of times by Khloe, her sisters, and her mother, but thus far, there has been no talk of his health crisis, and it is not yet known whether the ordeal will be featured as a storyline.

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