‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Faces A Big Decision, Hayden Feels Torn, And Alexis Tackles Wedding Planning

What can viewers expect from Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there is plenty of action on the way in this January 25 episode. Jason had a major memory flash that could pave the way to a reunion with Sam while Nikolas has proposed to Hayden. Where are things headed in this next episode?

As viewers saw in Friday’s episode, Nikolas got down on one knee and proposed to Hayden. Given the fact that she had already offered up the idea of getting married, Nik surely expects this proposal to be something of a formality. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Hayden may take a bit of convincing.

While Hayden is developing deep feelings for Nikolas, she also has a lot of secrets she has been keeping from him. Tracy is pressuring her to manipulate Nik so they can steal ELQ away from him. While Nikolas has his secrets too, he has fallen for Hayden and has no idea why she is hesitating in accepting his proposal.

Hayden may hold back initially, but General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps indicate that she will push herself and seemingly accept. While Nik and Hayden may start making plans for a wedding and there has been some buzz that they may go the route of a quickie ceremony in Vegas, fans know that there are definitely difficulties ahead for these two.

As for Jason, General Hospital spoilers share that he will contemplate a change of course when it comes to trying to recover more of his memories. Sam and Jason have been growing closer in recent episodes, and it seems they may soon be giving their romantic relationship another shot, as Jason’s memory flash is said to really shake things up for him.


Viewers will see Tracy off on a vacation, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she will run into someone familiar during her trip. There has been some talk that Anthony Geary might pop back into the picture as Luke Spencer this winter, but Tracy’s surprise encounter may well involve someone entirely different.

Also ahead in Monday’s show, TJ returns, and things get a bit cozy between TJ and Molly until Kristina breaks things up. As Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, there will be some drama related to Kristina and the situation with her professor coming up, and tensions between Jordan and Curtis surface again as well.

Laura will interrupt Hayden and Nikolas as they are embracing their new engagement. Laura has been hesitant about the developing relationship between these two, so how will she react to the engagement news? In addition, General Hospital spoilers share that Hayden will end up overhearing something during Monday’s show that might shake things up a bit.

Alexis and Julian are headed toward a wedding date, and there will be a bit of planning taking place during this January 25 show. General Hospital spoilers tease that Alexis will come up with a somewhat surprising request, and she will also have a favor to ask of Molly and Kristina.

Jason makes a big decision during Monday’s show, and it would appear that this is related to wanting to regain more of his memories and rebuild a life with Sam. However, Jake does not want to see his dad reunite with Sam, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is more drama to come on this front.

Will Hayden and Nikolas manage to happily wed and put their secrets behind them? Are happy days ahead for Sam and Jason? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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