Kia Proctor: Cam Newton’s Girlfriend Helped The Super Bowl Bound Quarterback Evolve After Having Their First Child

Kia Proctor is best known to the world as Cam Newton’s girlfriend who just gave birth to their first child, but those close to the Super Bowl bound quarterback say she has actually played a huge role in his development on the field.

Newton has dated Proctor since 2013, with the couple first being spotted together at the Kentucky Derby. Newton quickly grew serious with Proctor, who had reportedly worked under the name Hazel at a famed strip club called the Washington DC Stadium Club. The couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Chosen Sebastian Newton, on Christmas Eve of last year.

Having a baby with Kia Proctor seems to be an pivotal moment not only in his personal life, but his professional life as well. Teammates say the birth of their child, Chosen Sebastian Newton, seems to have changed Cam.

“He’s kind of got a glow,” Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert told the Charlotte Observer. “You can see it. You can see something’s different about him and obviously that’s it.

“I notice that he’s walking around with a much bigger smile and he’s a little bit more exuberant than anybody would be this time of year on a Thursday.”

Cam Newton has already given his new baby a shout out on the field as well. In the team’s December 27 game against the Atlanta Falcons, Newton scored a touchdown and then cradled the football like a baby, a reference to the newborn boy.

But the birth of Cam Newton’s first child also came with controversy. As The Big Lead noted, the birth of Chosen Sebastian Newton prompted a number of letters to the editor at the Charlotte Observer criticizing Newton and Kia Proctor for having a baby out of wedlock.

Thomas Uhl wrote the following.

“Cam is a role model to many of our young males, both white and black. The least that he and his longtime girlfriend could have done is to get married prior to giving birth to show his followers that not only is he a superstar, but also a person with high morals.”

But others saw Cam Newton as a role model for making his family such an important and visible part of his life. Sheila Peltzer wrote the following.

“Kudos to Cam for putting fatherhood first, then football. He had a great role model who helped make him the fine young man he is today. Like him, I wish all males could have that father figure in their lives.”

“I can’t wait to see Chosen dabbin’!”

Kia Proctor isn’t the only important woman in Cam Newton’s life. He has also been very close to his mother, and in June 2015 kept a promise to her that he would become a college graduate. Newton received his bachelor’s degree in sociology from Auburn University after completing the spring semester on campus.

“Everyone else has always been worried about the football side of things, but not my mother,” he told People magazine. “My education was my mother’s top priority. I’ve been blessed to have a family that supports me. It’s a Biblical quote: iron sharpens iron. My mother has always been there to sharpen me.”

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor and their son Chosen Sebastian Newton are about to get a lot more exposure. With a blowout win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Newton is headed for his first Super Bowl and a matchup against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, with now two weeks of media attention for Cam and his family.

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