Chris Brown’s Accuser Banned From Favorite Nightclub

Of course, Chris Brown has been known to have a bit of an attitude and anger problem – so much so that he beat up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, but his vengeance seems to continue in more elusive ways. The highly controversial singer has been both revered and hated in the music industry, but he always manages to survive another round of serious drama.

TMZ reported that Liziane Gutierrez, who accused Chris Brown of punching her in Las Vegas, has now been banned from the hottest club in Los Angeles, 1 Oak on The Sunset Strip. It seems the owner of that club is a close and personal friend of Chris Brown’s – and despite the fact that Gutierrez looks like Kim Kardashian, she has been banned for life from the club. Brown, 26, is also a frequent and loyal customer of the club.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown has again been accused of assaulting a woman after an altercation in Las Vegas [Photo by Lucy Nicholson-PoolGetty Images]
It was several weeks ago that Liziane Gutierrez claimed she was assaulted by Chris Brown, which many people were eager to believe based on his past domestic abuse. However, Brown’s friends are sticking by him and the story that he didn’t touch the woman. When Gutierrez tried to make entry into the popular, celebrity-frequented club last week, she was told that she was not only denied entry that night, to never step foot on the premises again. It’s unclear as to the legality of this situation or what Gutierrez’ response was.

The alleged assault victim is not shy about being in the spotlight, as she was spotted wearing a swimsuit that barely covered any of her bottom, but the premier nightclub will be one spotlight she’ll never enjoy again. Gutierrez is a Brazilian model who claimed she was in a hotel room with Brown for unknown reasons when she attempted to take a picture of him with a cell phone. Instead, he grabbed the phone away from her, she alleges, and smacked her hard in the face.

His publicist says that these claims are “unequivocally untrue” and that Brown was never even in a hotel with her. They’ve had no kind of relationship, according to Brown, who took to Instragram to post a video defending himself, but it was taken down for misogyny and foul language. TMZ got a cop of the video before it was removed, and in the video, Brown calls Gutierrez an “ugly b***h” and “old looking.”

” She’s too ugly to get into my room and….must be because obviously somebody’s trying to make a check or start some s***”.

There’s not doubt it drew some attention, and likely not the kind Gutierrez had planned – the majority of the fallout seems to be taken by her. However, the fact that Brown speaks in such a derogatory way about women is concerning to some: that lack of respect surely played a part in when he seriously beat and injured his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, to the point that her face was bruised, bloody, and swollen.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown faces assault accusations again. In 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault against Rihanna. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]
While Rihanna went on to make a unsettling video, “Love The Way You Lie,” with Eminem, in which the female protagonist is apparently beaten and then burned alive, she also was not over Chris Brown, briefly reuniting with him and declaring him changed, much to the chagrin of her family, friends and fans. They are no longer together.

While Chris Brown claims he respects women, and even if he didn’t assault Gutierrez, his name-calling is suspect in the way he truly views women. What do you think, readers? Is the name-calling justified or do you feel it’s a sign that Brown still has difficulty controlling his anger? Reply in the comments section below.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]

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