Jax Taylor’s Arrest In Hawaii: Cast Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reacts

Tomorrow night on Vanderpump Rules, everyone will finally see the arrest of Jax Taylor in Hawaii that they have been teasing for weeks. Radar Online shared that the cast will be shocked when it all goes down and what some of them have to say is now being revealed. Jax has admitted in the past that he takes things from Lisa at the bar from time to time, but this arrest for stealing sunglasses was still pretty shocking to everyone. Jax normally only takes small things or something like a bottle of wine.

Taylor actually ended up in jail with a bond of $11,000. The cast even had to call Jax’s mom to share the news with her. Scheana Marie was surprised and talked about how Brittany Cartwright thought she found the perfect man, moved to L.A. for him, and then they headed to Hawaii and that happened. When Schwartz talked to Jax’s mom, she said she just didn’t understand what was in his head. It was obvious that she was upset to hear what went down. Scheana Marie agreed that it didn’t make sense because Jax Taylor could totally afford those glasses.

Jax’s mom was obviously happy that they were all willing to help him out and bail him out of jail. Schwartz and Scheana talked to her on the phone, but it was obvious watching that Jax’s girlfriend Brittany was very upset as it was all going down. They only had a few hours to get Jax Taylor out of jail and get to the airport so they weren’t late for their flight. They all acted like coming up with $11,000 was a big deal, but considering the money they make from the show it probably wasn’t as bad as they made it sound.

Tom Schwartz actually called a bondsman to help out Jax Taylor and get him out of jail. The preview doesn’t show anymore about how it all goes down on the show tomorrow night. Obviously, they get Jax out of jail, but everyone will have to wait and see if they make their flight on time.

Back in July when Jax Taylor got arrested, E! Online shared the details of his big arrest. Jax’s mugshot was shared, but it simply shows him with bed head and in need of a shave. Jax Taylor was accused of stealing a pair of sunglasses and he did leave the store with them. Jax then ended up in jail and had an $11,000 bond to get him out of jail. Right after it happened, Jax avoided talking about the arrest.

Recently Jax Taylor was on Watch What Happens Live and talked some about the arrest. He said that he had been drinking all day and went into the store. Jax shared that he picked up the glasses and planned to pay for them, but simply forgot to do it. Jax made it sound like it was not a big deal and that he didn’t mean to actually steal the sunglasses. They were actually worth $300. Jax did also share that he is still with Brittany Cartwright, so obviously this didn’t kill their relationship. Jax and Brittany are still going strong and it really does look like he might have finally found the perfect girl for him. Things are looking up for Jax.

Are you shocked to see that Jax Taylor ended up getting arrested? Do you think it was all an accident like Jax is trying to say? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Jax Taylor’s big arrest on Vanderpump Rules when it all airs on Monday nights on Bravo.

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