Charlie Sheen To Denise Richards: ‘I Am Going To Sever Your Head And Mail It To Your Father’

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are back at it again, proving that not every couple can learn to get along after divorce. A new lawsuit filed by Richards, through her attorney, asserts that ex-husband Charlie Sheen has cut off payments to their two daughters and that the Two and a Half Men star has made threatening statements to Richards, herself. Denise is requesting that Sheen provide $1.2 million for a new home for herself and their daughters.

An attorney for Mr. Sheen has issued a public statement, declaring that Richards is acting out of greed, implying that her recent statements are not as factual as she implies.

Denise Richards Lists Threats Made By Charlie Sheen In Her Quest To Start A New Money War

In the new lawsuit, which was filed after Sheen cut off child support payments, Denise reveals incidents that prove she’s not holding anything back this time. Threats, inappropriate texts to their children, and every other abuse suffered at Charlie’s hands are all spelled out in perfect detail for the court to consider, when deciding whether to side with the mother or the father in this case.

One such incident happened in 2013, during a phone call that took place between the divorced couple as Richards was preparing to leave for Montana, where she would spend the holidays with Sami and Lola, the daughters she shares with Sheen.

“I’m looking at a picture of your parents sleeping. I had someone go into their house, give Xanax to the dog, and instead of killing them, I’d rather your mom die a slow death of cancer,” said Sheen, according to Richards’ statement.

Denise’s mom passed away from cancer in 2007.

“I am not going to do the same to you,” threatened Sheen, reports Richards in her complaint. “If you get between me and the kids, I am going to sever your head and mail it to your father.”

The threats didn’t stop with Denise, according to the court documents. Sheen sent text messages to daughter Lola over one Christmas holiday, which were mainly sent as backdoor threats to Richards, calling the girl’s mother a f—s–t mom and p—- wart.

In a later text message, Sheen apparently told Lola that he was going to kill her and her mother (Richards).

Two And A Half Men Star Charlie Sheen Is Baffled By The Lawsuit Filed By Ex-Wife Denise Richards

In response to Denise’s allegations, Charlie has said that he is surprised by her actions and words, considering that he has gone to great lengths to support the “princess lifestyle” demanded by Ms. Richards. A source close to Sheen reiterated his sentiments, adding that Ms. Richards has received a lump sum payment of $10 million plus an additional $660,000 a year in child support over the past 10 years. Charlie Sheen also pays for all medical expenses, vacations, education, etc. for both Lola and Sami.

Marty Singer, attorney for Charlie Sheen, has been more outspoken on his client’s behalf, declaring that Denise Richards’ actions boil down to her own greed. He says the lawsuit filed against Sheen is about “nothing more than money, money, money”.

That statement prompted a war of words between Singer and Patty Glaser, attorney for Richards, that may only be just beginning. Coming back against Singer’s statements, Glaser cited Sheen’s wild lifestyle and unpredictable behavior as reasons for the the lawsuit and the request for the additional money.

“This motion has nothing do with their children,” Singer retorted back. “Denise is simply being greedy… She’s asking Charlie to pay her more money so she can buy a second home because one $7 million home isn’t enough for her.”

Denise Richards broke her silence over the matter, when she publicly sent a tweet to Charlie Sheen’s lawyer, reminding him that the money requested in the lawsuit was for the children and not for herself, Charlie, or their attorneys.

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