Is Ronda Rousey Engaged To Fellow Fighter Travis Browne? Rousey Seen Sporting Large Diamond Ring On SNL

Ronda Rousey was the third female athlete to host Saturday Night Live; however, it wasn’t her comedic skills that had fans talking. The former Women’s Bantamweight Champion was seen sporting a new piece of bling on her left ring finger during the show, which had many wondering if her beau and fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne may have popped the question. Is Ronda Rousey finally engaged to Travis “Hapa” Browne?

Ronda Rousey appeared on Saturday Night Live as a host and many people were drawn to the large diamond on her ring finger. The female fighter didn’t attempt to hide her new rock with the Daily Mail reporting that the ring is a diamond solitaire of “good size” that was featured on Rousey’s hand throughout the show. However, it wasn’t just on the day of the show. In at least one of the promotional videos leading up to the show, Rousey can be seen sporting the large diamond ring.

With the ring on display, some fans are asking, “Is Ronda Rousey engaged to fellow fighter Travis Browne?” If so, when did the big engagement take place? It appears that if there is an engagement, it’s a recent development as some of the promo videos for Rousey’s appearance on SNL show her ring finger bare.

Additionally, just a month ago, Ronda was seen publicly kissing boyfriend Travis Browne before going on a coffee date with her main man. However, as the pair locked arms around one another, Rousey’s ring finger was noticeably bare.

In fact, Rousey’s fingers are almost always bare in photographs. Therefore, the display of a large diamond ring on Saturday Night Live is likely Ronda’s way of making her engagement public. In the recent weeks, Rousey has been more public about her relationship with Browne. An engagement would not be that surprising, considering Rousey has been seen spending a lot of time with Browne following her loss to fighter Holly Holm.

Speaking of Holm, in addition to showing off her new ring, Rousey also took her time hosting SNL to finally speak about her devastating loss to Holly Holm. The fighter joked that she was finally happy to get to be on television without being punched in the face and noted that Holm fought well and deserved the win, despite how devastating it may have been to the champ. She also laid to rest rumors she was “suffering from brain damage” from the infamous kick to the head seen around the world.

“They’ve closed Broadway, they closed movie theaters, they even closed all bars so tonight we’re literally the only show in town. So excited to be here because this will be the first time I’ll be live on television without getting punched in the face. It’s also the first time I’m talking to the fans since I lost to Holly Holm in November, which by the way, Holly deserved to win and I just wanted to take a minute to sincerely congratulate her. That’s enough. All those who are worried I’m not ready to host the show because I like have brain damage relax. I’m good. Besides everything I need is on cue cards. In all seriousness, I’m fine and I’m ready to crush it.”

What did you think of Ronda Rousey’s Saturday Night Live performance? Do you think Ronda Rousey got engaged privately to fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne and used her appearance on SNL to showcase her new bling to her fans?

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