J. Cole’s Wife, Melissa Heholt, And The Rapper’s Instagram Drama With Alleged Mistress Bria [Video]

J. Cole — the 30-year-old rapper whose real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole — recently made big news online when it was revealed that Cole is married. J’s songs reveal a player’s player — the honest type of lyrics that expose Cole’s real-life experiences of losing his virginity in songs like “Wet Dreamz.” In Cole’s “No Role Modelz,” J waxes nostalgic about being able to discern his “L.A. sisters” from “L.A. h***s,” the type of women who are gold diggers, looking to get rich off of famous rappers. With Cole singing about J and his friends taking five or six women home, sleeping with them and then kicking them “to the door” — (making sure to get his shirt back first) — one would assume the rapper rapping about the gold digger being a “bird” who flew into his “bird trap” was a single man.

However, according to E, Cole is very much married. Director Ryan Coogler inadvertently exposed the fact that J was married when he recently interviewed Cole. J’s reaction proved that he wasn’t expecting Ryan to spill the news about Cole being married. The Creed director apparently knew something that Cole’s own fans didn’t yet know when he spilled the beans about J being married.

“How did getting married change you?”

The manner in which Cole reacted to the news about his wife, Melissa Heholt, being thrust into the public forefront made one wonder why J wanted to be so secretive in the first place. Either Cole wanted to protect his wife by keeping Melissa a big secret, or Cole wanted to protect his single-guy image — a move that plenty of musicians and actors have done in the past. However, doing so hasn’t always led to long-lasting marriages, such as when Janet Jackson hid her marital status.

Either way, Cole schooled Ryan about the way Coogler put Cole and his new wife on blast.

“That was like one thing to not do. But it’s all good… They know now.”

Cole’s marital drama goes deeper than his secret marriage to Melissa. Heholt and Cole have known one another for at least a decade, when the North Carolina native was in college at New York’s St. John’s University with Melissa.

On Instagram, the Hype Daily congratulated Cole on his marriage to his new wife. However, photos of Melissa that were posted to Instagram at a bridal shop were removed from the L’Fay Bridal Instagram account. The bridal account describes itself as “ultimate experience” with the “best designers, choices and service” in their “boutiques in NYC, NJ and PA.”

“Congratulations to RocNation rapper J.Cole and college sweetheart, Melissa Heholt, on their engagement. There has been recent speculation that the two have made plans to tie the knot and a photo from @Lfaybridal confirmed the news as she was spotted dress shopping in their boutique. Cole has not yet spoken on this topic.”

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Cole has more drama with his marriage because of an alleged mistress. They point to a woman named Bria or Briaaaaaal on Instagram. Claims of Cole’s philandering and suspicious Instagram photos posted by Bria had tongues wagging.

“Back in early December, news began to spread like wild fire that J. Cole had popped the question to his main chick Melissa whom he met in 2003 while attending St. John University. Well this news apparently did not go over well with his side piece Miss Bria. Not too long after the good news of J. Cole’s engagement began to get around town, an iPhone photo of J. Cole (or his body double) leaving a hotel room with a naked Bria’s legs in bed snapping the picture popped up on Instagram. Word on the curb was that Bria was fuming with jealousy that J. Cole had proposed to Melissa and not her, and thus she decided to put him on blast. The picture was allegedly posted immediately, so we can assume their encounter was in December based on the Instagram timeline.”

The site goes on to claim that Bria posted another Instagram photo inferring she was pregnant — but there has been no official announcement about whether Bria was ever pregnant with J. Cole’s baby, nor if Bria was his mistress. According to the publication, Bria borrowed a ling from Cole’s “Trouble” song for her Instagram photo, asking, “Mama did you f***…Lol.”

If, indeed, any of these claims are true, stay tuned to Cole’s TMZ topics page for more.

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