Selena Gomez Gets Ronda Rousey As A Backup Dancer

Selena Gomez got a pretty famous backup dancer during her performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend when host Ronda Rousey jumped onstage.

Gomez performed her hits “Come & Get It,” “Good For You,” “Hands To Myself,” and “Same Old Love” for the audience just a few nights after hitting the town with beau Samuel Krost, when they took in a meal at Nobu. The show was a hit for both the pop star and for Rousey, who made her first big appearance since her shocking defeat at the hands of Holly Holm in November. Rousey made reference to the fight in her monologue, in which she got serious for a moment and graciously congratulated Holm.

“And I just wanted to take a minute to sincerely congratulate her. And all those who are worried I’m not ready to host the show because I like, have brain damage, relax. I’m good. Besides, everything I need is on cue cards,” Ronda said.

Although Gomez said she was nervous about performing on the iconic show in front of millions, she did say that she felt like she was in the best place she could be in order to get up on that stage.

“I think it’s good kind of nerves. It’s a good time for me to perform… I’ve always wanted to perform on SNL but this is the time to do it and to be able to do all three songs, it’s pretty awesome,” Selena told Access Hollywood.

Selena Gomez has had a huge couple of years after enjoying success first on the Disney Channel and then on her own. The pop star shifted from tween idol to fashion icon seamlessly, all the while building a brand that includes a production company, a clothing line, and fragrances. And for a while during all this, Selena was one-half of a power couple with pop megastar Justin Bieber. These days, she’s focusing on her career while trying not to get too caught up with the media when it comes to her relationship.

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Although Gomez has had a successful turn over the last year, she’s also had some health scares. The 23-year old revealed recently that she is battling lupus–a chronic disease that affects millions and affects the immune system–and has undergone chemotherapy as a treatment, leading to rumors that she is dealing with cancer. Selena told Billboard in October that she had taken a bit of a break because she wanted to wait until she was comfortable being in the spotlight again.

“I was diagnosed with lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke… I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again,” Selena said.

In a recent interview with Bobbi Brown for Yahoo! Beauty, Selena was asked a pretty thoughtful question by Brown’s 8-year old niece, and she responded just as thoughtfully. When the little girl asked Selena to give her some advice on how to have a good life, Gomez said the key is to challenge yourself and work hard.

“I started acting when I was 7. I’ve always worked very hard. I was really terrible at math and certain things in school, but I full-on just dedicated my life to working really hard. I come from nothing, literally, and my mom has always been my idol. I look up to her. She’s just great and has done more and better for herself. You just have to challenge yourself and guard your heart, because now with social media there is so much access to people’s feelings and their hearts more than ever,” Selena Gomez said.

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