‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Faces Betrayal, Quinn Continues Meddling, And Wyatt Angles Closer To Steffy

There is a big week ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers detail that Quinn continues her troubled plan to keep Liam away from Steffy, while Wyatt manages to grow closer to Steffy in Liam’s absence. Bill and Brooke are finding it impossible to fight their feelings, and Katie is about to learn about what is going on. Where are things headed during the week of January 25?

As She Knows Soaps shares, Brooke will warn Bill in Monday’s episode that they cannot let their feelings take over. Both are feeling wistful about the love they have shared and despite their relationships with Katie, they are seemingly finding it impossible to keep things professional.


While Bill and Brooke will say they cannot let things go any further, Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Katie will be relishing the renewed relationship with her sister. Unfortunately, that joy turns to heartbreak when Katie overhears Bill and Brooke talking about their love for one another.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that when Katie learns of this betrayal, she collapses and explodes. Things will get physical between Katie and Brooke during Wednesday’s show, and on Thursday Katie tells Bill exactly what needs to happen in order for their marriage to recover. From the looks of things, Katie is directly much of her rage toward her sister, but Bill is surely facing some tough moments in the wake of Katie’s realization as well.

Viewers watched on Friday’s show as Liam woke up briefly, but quickly passed out again. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Quinn will continue to keep Liam hidden away at her cabin, despite his medical issues. She thinks she needs just a bit more time before getting him medical attention, and on Tuesday, she will send yet another text message to Steffy from his phone.

Wyatt has been right by Steffy’s side throughout all of this, convincing her to set her heartbreak aside for a day of frolicking on the beach. Fun turned to romance, and the two were kissing by the end of the episode. From the sounds of things, Wyatt will continue to whisper sweet nothings into Steffy’s ear this coming week, soon giving her a gift and nudging her to move on from Liam.

There are indicators that Wyatt and Steffy could get extremely close in the coming week while Liam will apparently be in and out of consciousness at Quinn’s cabin, continuing to act strangely. The brief moment he was awake during Friday’s show, he seemed to think Quinn was someone else, and that may continue as Quinn keeps him away from medical intervention and his loved ones.

Just how ugly will things get between Katie and Brooke? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Eric will connect with Bill late in the week to talk about the situation, and the word is that a new man will pop up within a few weeks who may be setting his sights on one of the Logan sisters.

How far will Quinn go to keep Liam hidden away? Just what is this medical issue with him? Viewers are quite curious to see how far things will go with Wyatt and Steffy and there is clearly a lot of drama on the way related to Katie, Bill, and Brooke. Stay tuned for additional The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers as the drama plays out.

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