Tori Spelling Financial Problems Worsen Despite Landing Leading Role On Lifetime: Spelling Sued For $38,000 By American Express [Video]

Tori Spelling is reportedly being sued for $38,000 by American Express as her financial situation gets worse by the day. The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum has resorted to selling off her possessions even though she just landed a new role on a new Lifetime network made for television movie. TMZ reports that her mother, Candy Spelling, is paying her daughter’s day-to-day expenses, but refuses to pay for any more since Tori is so extravagant.

According to Radar Online, although Tori just signed to star in Mother May I Sleep with Danger with Lifetime, the True Tori star is only being paid $10,000 for the role. A source close to Tori revealed to Radar that Spelling “is happy to just be getting a paycheck.” Although by entertainment industry standards, $10,000 for the role is “not huge money, but it’s better than nothing.”

Although most families would feel lucky to get that kind of money for “just a few weeks’ worth of work,” Tori is reportedly disappointed with the paycheck. Spelling “can easily drop $1,000 at one toy store or department store,” the source confided.

Despite her father, legendary producer Aaron Spelling, being worth over $500 million when he died, Tori was left with $800,000, and blew through it all very quickly.

Now that Tori is being sued by American Express and her mother, Candy Spelling, is paying for her grandchildren to attend school, Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, is demanding that Tori to sell off their possessions. The source told Radar that “Dean is putting down his foot and telling Tori she must sell off all off their junk that has accumulated over the years.”

In addition to all the stuff in their home, the source revealed that there “are more than three huge storage lockers piled to the top, and the rental fees are $1,000-$4,000 a month.” Photos surfaced of a yard sale hosted at the Spelling household have surfaced, with the Spelling family’s possessions displayed for anyone to purchase.

A portion of the $38,000 Tori owes American Express was racked up when the reality star had no job. “American Express provided credit” when Spelling needed it most. According to Radar, the massive loan “was needed because Tori and Dean had no money coming in last summer.”

At the time, Tori had burnt her arms, and was hospitalized, and reportedly “was in pain for months.” When it comes to their extensive bills, Spelling believes she is “just thinks she is one job away from being wealthy. She just refuses to accept how bleak things really are.”

People confirms that Tori tried paying off the $38,000 bill last June, according to documents, but June 26, but the $1,070 transaction, the minimum amount required by American Express, failed to complete. On August 18, the minimum amount Tori owed was $1,477, which included the past due amount of $1,070. Spelling did not make that payment, either.

According to court documents filed January 13 and obtained by People, American Express is demanding that Tori pay the entire balance, including interest, as soon as possible. While Tori has largely stayed mum on the topic of the lawsuit, her mother has not.

Speaking to TMZ, Candy Spelling, who has a strained relationship with Tori, revealed that she does not know why Tori has yet to pay the bill. According to Candy, the problem is “extravagance, I guess.”

The wife of the late Aaron Spelling confirmed that she is paying her daughter’s daily expenses, but responded to criticism over refusing to pay Tori’s $38,000 bill. “I’m not paying extras like that,” Spelling confirmed. “I’m not paying any back payments,” she added, confirming that she’s only paying “for the house and the kids’ school and the food.”

According to Tori Spelling herself, most of the problems occurred when they sold their Encino, California, home at a loss, and her clothing store failed to perform.

What do you think? Is Tori Spelling just extravagant? Should her mother pay her American Express bill? Leave a comment below!

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