Harry Styles: Is One Direction Smear Campaign Switching Focus?

Over the past five years, One Direction fans have become used to seeing Harry Styles linked with a succession of different women. Over the past six-months, those same fans have seen thousands of news items painting Harry’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson in a bad light. Over the past few days, the narrative on Tomlinson has focused on the arrival of his baby whilst stories about Styles have linked him to Kendall Jenner. Today’s press suggests that Harry may be about to stumble back into the spotlight of press negativity, perhaps because certain outlets do not want to be seen to be attacking a new dad.

No fan of Styles will need to be reminded that Harry has been linked with Kendall Jenner since new-year. The Daily Mail reported that Harry and Kendall were spotted getting cozy on a yacht in the Caribbean. Over the past week, we have seen numerous claims that Harry was moving to L.A. to move in with Kendall as they were painted as a celebrity golden couple. Of course, many of Harry’s fans did not buy the claims of a romance between Styles and Jenner.

Over the years, Styles being linked with a high profile “winter girlfriend” has become as traditional as thanksgiving turkey. Many of Harry’s fans see these so-called romances as no more than a publicity stunt. It was reported by the Inquisitr recently that Harry may be acting as a “beard” for Jenner in an attempt to pour cold water on claims that she is gay.

Now it seems that the press narrative on Styles may be about to shift. The Sun reported today that Harry has been “cheating” on Kendall after stylist Pandora Lennard supposedly spent the night at Harry’s London home last weekend. The report claims that “Styles plotted his night with a fashion stylist just days after returning from a New Year break with girlfriend Kendall Jenner. “Our photographs of [Pandora] leaving Harry’s luxury pad are sure to devastate model Kendall.”

Bearing in mind that Harry is now in L.A. where Louis’ baby was born, it seems very off that the Sun sat on the story for a week before publishing it. Of course, the almost obligatory “unnamed source” is quoted as saying that a romance between Harry and Pandora is a big surprise.

“Everyone knew they were attracted to each other and they have been pals for a while. But we didn’t think anything would happen as Harry and Kendall are officially an item. This is gobsmacking.”

The Mirror claims that it was never known whether or not Harry and Kendall were officially an item, but say that Harry is thought to have jetted to L.A. so that he can spend his 22nd birthday with Jenner. They seem to have forgotten that Harry owns a home in L.A. and spends as much time as possible there when he is free from One Direction commitments.

Harry’s rumored new squeeze is a stylist and fashion consultant based in London who has worked with the likes of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. Pandora is 27-years-old and is the sister of Jasmine Lennard, a socialite who once dated Simon Cowell.

On Friday, Styles was spotted lunching at Cafe Habana in Malibu as he relaxed enjoying a casual meal. The Daily Mail reported that Harry left his lunch with twenty cases of Casamigos tequila as he prepares for next week’s birthday celebration.

It is believed that Jenner has now returned to L.A. from a trip to Paris, so it will be interesting to see if she and Harry are spotted hanging out in the coming days. If today’s Sun article is to be believed, Harry and Kendall could be in for a rather awkward reunion. Of course, many of Harry’s fans don’t believe for a moment that Harry and Kendall were actually an item, but we may be about to see Styles become the target of a string of negative stories.


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