‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: New House-Specific Promos For Season 6 Bring Clues

HBO isn’t starting season 6 of Game of Thrones until April 24, so there is still a lot of time until the houses come back together and the likely massacres begin. HBO has recently revealed a series of promos that not only are house-specific, but could have honestly revealed and spoiled a number of things about the upcoming season. Even HBO doesn’t want to hold back on the possible resurrection/return of Jon Snow.

Please note that this article contains likely SPOILERS for the upcoming season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you don’t want to know what may possibly happen, then stop reading now.

The official Twitter account for Game of Thrones has started something really awesome. Followers can declare their allegiance to Stark, Lannister, or Targaryen by using a specific hashtag and then getting rewarded with a promo for that house.

As of Saturday night, House Stark is winning while hashtags for Raven are also being counted in the overall tally. House Martell, House Greyjoy, and House Tyrell are not being calculated into the overall count at this time.

The thing is, these promos are incredibly revealing and really do tell a lot about season 6 of Game of Thrones. One of the most noticeable things is the situation with Jon Snow and exactly what is going to happen with him this season.

As the iDigital Times reported, HBO really isn’t trying to hide the whole secret of Jon Snow coming back as some previews have done nothing but feature him, and now this. Back in November, Watchers on the Wall reported something big is happening in the courtyard of Winterfell in season 6 and Snow is involved.

This new teaser stating “Winterfell is mine” appears to confirm that completely and has the Stark banner on it to boot.

Two more teasers are being given out as well by giving a different hashtag on Twitter. Game of Thrones and HBO are really making sure their fans don’t go without for too long.

Look for the Sparrows to really up their game in season 6 and become something that many may develop bigger fear over. There are going to be some intense situations happening and the religious movement is going to play a rather large role.

Thanks to a leaked script for Game of Thrones that the Huffington Post revealed back in November, it’s already known that Dothraki has taken the Mother of Dragons captive. This very short teaser doesn’t really provide spoilers for that, but does confirm it.

So here is what can be pinpointed and known about each of the promos for this upcoming season as broken down further by Watchers on the Wall.

  • House Stark’s promo includes Iwan Rheon’s voice as Ramsay Bolton. He has declared that Winterfell is his and the tattered Stark banner flies in the storm.
  • House Targaryen’s promo has Daenerys and the threat of the Dothraki that she is up against this season. During the promo, the Targaryen banner burns.
  • House Lannister’s promo has Jonathan Pryce as the High Sparrow declaring that he will overthrow their entire empire.
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Image via HBO

As of season 6, Game of Thrones is done with source material as they’ve officially gone through all of the books of George R. R. Martin. Yes, there may be flashbacks of fill-in-the gaps here and there, but now it’s a whole new script.

HBO knows that fans are chomping at the bit for season 6 of Game of Thrones, but there really is still three more months for them to wait. These new house-specific promos are helping pass the time though and spoiling some fun tidbits of what’s to come and who (Jon Snow) may appear.

[Image via HBO]

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