‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Slams Someone For Creating Issues Ahead Of Corey Simms Custody Battle

Leah Messer shared a telling message to fans on Twitter on January 21, but didn’t say who the message was for. Following news of her upcoming court date with Corey Simms, in which she will attempt to regain custody of her 6-year-old twins, the Teen Mom 2 star spoke of someone who was creating issues.

“You can’t run from the issues YOU created…. #JustSaying,” Leah Messer wrote on Thursday.

Although Leah Messer didn’t tag anyone in her tweet, her fans and followers immediately reacted badly to the comment, feeling it was hypocritical and ironic, considering all she’s done in the last couple of years. Below are a few of their comments to Leah Messer:

“Says the serial cheater, who can’t parent her kids with out been high on pills.”

“You cried that your husband left you for no reason because you can’t admit that you cheated on him multiple times.”

“You’re such a hypocrite. You went to REHAB for drugs but you told everyone it was therapy for anxiety.”

Throughout the last few seasons of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer has been accused of cheating a number of times, and admitted to two affairs. First, she admitted on camera to cheating on her husband Corey Simms, with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, just days before they wed, and then, last year, she admitted to sleeping with Simms while he was married to his current wife, Miranda, and she was married to her now-ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

Leah Messer was also accused of cheating on Calvert with Kidd. In November, 2014, Calvert took to Twitter, where he accused his then-wife of cheating on him, and announced plans to file for divorce, which he did (Leah Messer’s second divorce was finalized in June, 2015).

Leah Messer’s cheating habits have led to backlash from fans, and the frequent drug use rumors haven’t helped her reputation. Although Leah Messer claims she is not addicted to drugs, she has been featured looking overly out of it on numerous episodes of the show, and during one episode, she appeared to be on the verge of nodding out while she held her brother’s baby. The incident was both shocking and concerning, and in the months that followed, Leah Messer entered a treatment facility, claiming to be suffering from anxiety and depression, and later lost custody of her twins to ex-husband Simms, who said on the show that she was hiding a drug problem. Calvert also spoke of Leah Messer’s alleged addiction, claiming she had a “prescription pill problem.”

Now, as Leah Messer prepares to head to another hearing for custody, she is reportedly dealing with relationship issues yet again after allegedly “emotionally cheating” on her current boyfriend, T.R. Dues. According to a January 22 report by the International Business Times, Leah Messer was believed to be back to her old ways, texting her ex behind her current flame’s back, and even telling him she loved him and calling him babe, as revealed by Radar Online. Unfortunately for Leah Messer, however, Calvert is uninterested in getting back with her, and recently rekindled his romance with Brooke Wehr.

“They split for a little while but are back together right now and going strong,” a source told The Ashley Reality Roundup earlier this week. “Brooke is really different from [Leah Messer] and Jeremy is really happy with her. They have a lot of fun together.”

Leah Messer and her family will be returning to MTV in Teen Mom 2 season 7 later this year. A premiere date for the upcoming installment has not yet been set, and the series remains in production.

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