‘Scandi Wave’ Hair: Creating Beach Waves With A Flat Iron — DIY Video Gets 212,000 Views [Video]

The below video is making waves, literally. The video by Nicci Welsh, called “Scandi wave,” has grown to more than 212,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on January 15. Described as “an easy cool, effortless style for your hair,” the Scandi wave is blowing the minds of those folks who generally use a flat iron to straighten, silken, and get rid of frizzy hair. Nicci, however, uses a flat iron in a brand new way — sort of like how women used to use bobby pins to create pin curls. Instead of pin curls, Welsh takes sections of hair and bends them into an “S” shape, and taps the section with the heated flat iron in order to create the “Scandi,” “Scandinavian,” or “S” waves.

The Scandi wave video by Nicci Welsh is drawing plenty of buzz online, most likely because hair stylists and everyday folks are used to using flat irons to slide them down the hair shaft — or to curl hair by twisting it around the flat iron. There aren’t a lot of videos of people using a flat iron to create Scandi waves.

On Facebook, beauty experts such as Vivo Hair & Beauty are buzzing about the Scandi wave technique, and the fact that she used a ghd Professional flat iron. On Amazon, the ghd flat irons are priced from around $115 to $150 and up.

The Tricho Salon & Spa (Partridge Creek) also posted their thoughts on Facebook via Oribe Hair Care about the Scandi Wave technique, calling it an easy style to duplicate when time is short. They recommended a heat protectant be used as the flat iron style is replicated.

As reported by the Refinery29, hair stylists literally gasped when they saw Nicci’s Scandi wave demonstration in person in Miami. Nicci wasn’t sure if the Scandi wave technique had been performed previously — she thought it must have been — however, most folks were surprised when they saw the “S wave” technique performed.

“While we’re no strangers to using a flat iron for waves, crimps, and more, her exact technique was somewhat new to us (and to many of the hairstylists in attendance). ‘I don’t know if it’s been done before — it must have — but the reaction from 90% of the people I show it to is: ‘I’ve never seen that,” Welsh told us backstage. ‘I made it up because in Denmark we want this minimalistic beach look.'”

With the new Scandi wave flat iron technique heating up, so is news about the Scandi wave on Instagram. Thus far, there are 44 posts tagged “Scandi wave,” with some of those Instagram posts representing tutorial videos of people creating their own Scandi waves with flat irons.

The most important thing to note about the Scandi wave tutorial is the way that Nicci only taps the flat iron along the “S” wave, and doesn’t hold it on the “S” wave for a long time. With certain flat irons reaching heat levels of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and hotter, it’s a smart idea not to burn one’s hair off in a quest for Scandi waves.

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